List of Schools

Within the present boundaries of

Henry County, Alabama

By T. Larry Smith



Abbeville Academy – 1850’s

Abbeville Christian Private School –

Abbeville Elementary School

Armstrong Academy – Armstrong Academy established in 1886,  was located at Camp Springs. 

Baker –

Balkum –near Tumbleton 1888

Barnes –


Bowen –

Brackin School – was located near Camp Branch about 1816.

Browns Crossroads –

Buckner –

Camp Springs

Capps –

Capps School 

Center –

Center School

Christian Home

Clendinen School1900, Abbeville

Clopton –

Concord School

Corbitt Springs –

County Line

Deal –

Edwin –

Forrest Home University – 1883 at Forrest Home, Alabama.

Haleburg –

Hardwicksburg –

Hardy School – near Headland

Headland Academy1884

Headland Colored School

Headland Elementary School 

Headland High School1947

Headland Middle School


Haleburg Colored School 

Henry County Colored Training School1914, near Abbeville, designed and built by Rosa Parks’ father, James McCauley, graduated over 1,300 students.

Henry County High SchoolThe Alabama State Legislature ordered a new high school to be built in each county of the state.  The Henry County High School was built in Headland, Alabama, in 1911.  This school served the surrounding communities until it burned in 1945.  It was replaced by Headland High School.

Irvin School- 1822, the first recorded school in Henry County, on first hill west of Franklin, the first town in Henry County across the Chattahoochee River from Fort Gaines, Georgia.


Jacksonian Enterprise School – The first black school in Newville was organized and a building was built.  Prof. Abner Jackson was the principal/teacher and the school was incorporated as the Jacksonian Enterprise School, May 1894. The school was situated near the center of Henry County on the Abbeville Southern R.R., 13 miles from the Junction, where connection is made with the Alabama Midland R.R.  In 1919, it would become Newville’s Rosenwald School.

Jones Valley

Judson –

Kirkland School1894, near Headland 

Lawrenceville AcademyThe Lawrenceville was established before 1840.  It was the most important educational facility in East Alabama.  The Academy burned several times.  The Academy closed in 1888.

Mayo Academy-1884, near Headland

Mears Academy1890, at present Tumbleton.

McGriff –

Mt. Zion Colored School- Lawrenceville

New Prospect School – near Edwin

New Hope

Newville School – 1881, a crude log building was built in Wells, Alabama to serve as a church and a school.  In 1891, a modern (for the times) two-story structure was built on the sight where the Newville Baptist Church stands today.  The upper story was used as “Grange Hall”.  It was a secret farm society and this organization was largely responsible the erection of the building.  The second floor of this building became a Lodge Hall.  The first floor was used for the worship services and for the school.  In 1903, Wells was incorporated as Newville, Alabama.  In 1913, Grange Hall was torn down and the wood was used to build the new school.  The new Newville School was built at the location of the present School building. In September of 1920, the Newville Public School became Newville Jr. High School.  June 1929, Newville Jr. High School became Newville High School.  It was in 1968, that the Newville School was finally closed.  The Newville School building became a county middle school, a vocational school, an alternative school and emptied of all educational classes in 2007.

Oakey Grove –

Old Zion –

Otho School1900, Screamer area

Parker –

Piney Grove School1850’s, Headland

Pleasant Grove –

Pleasant Hill

Pond Bethel –

Prospect –

Union Opportunity School –1933, designed to teach adults how to read and write during the Great Depression, at Union.

Reynolds –

Rocky Ridge –

Rosenwald Bronx Colored –Edwin 

Rosenwald Colored School – In 1919, Lawrence “Bud” Cotton became the principal of the Jacksonian Enterprise Institute and it was then the, “Newville School”.  Patrons and parents were the main support for the school.  The Newville community requested assistance and received it from the Rosenwald Foundation.  A new school was built and named Newville Rosenwald School.  It would not be until the late 40’s Rosenwald would become a high school.  In 1948, the Rosenwald School burned down and a new building was constructed.  The now vacated school still stands and is a few hundred feet from the spot where the Jacksonian Enterprise School once stood. It was in 1968, that the Newville Rosenwald School was finally closed.

Scottsboro –

Shelley –


Shorterville –

Smith School – 1930

Snell School

Southeast Alabama Agricultural School & Jr. College – The Southeast Alabama Agriculture School in Abbeville, Alabama, was established in 1889.  It was the first junior college and experiment station of Auburn University.  It later became Abbeville high School.

Springfield Academy1888

Texasville –

Tolbert School1890’s

Tumbleton Colored School

Tumbleton Jr. High- 1927


Union Hill –

Wesley –

Wesley Colored School

Weston – 1892 near Tumbleton

Whitehurst –

Whitehurst –1925 

Zion School1892, Tumbleton