List of Schools

Within the present boundaries of Henry County, Alabama By T. Larry Smith   Abbeville Abbeville Academy – 1850’s Abbeville Christian Private School – Abbeville Elementary School – Armstrong Academy – Armstrong Academy established in 1886,  was located at Camp Springs.  Baker – Balkum –near Tumbleton 1888 Barnes – Blackwoods Bowen – Brackin School – was located near Camp Branch…

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A History of Liberty United Methodist Church

Liberty Church is located on Co. Rd. 92, just off 95 N., nine miles North of Abbeville, Alabama in the Screamer Community, NE Henry County. The property on which the church sits was deeded July 30, 1873, to the Trustees, Richard A. Whitehurst, William Fletcher Watford, and Daniel Jordan Peacock by Giles Jefferson (Tup) and Sarah Ann Dixon Peacock…

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Patrick Henry Biography


Patrick Henry 1736—1799Virginia House of BurgessesBorn: May 29, 1736 Where: Hanover County, Virginia.Education: (Lawyer, Politician)Work: Elected to Virginia House of Burgesses, 1765; Admitted to the Bar of the General Court in Virginia, 1769; Elected to the Continental Congress, 1774; Virginia Militia Leader, 1775; Governor of Virginia, 1776-1778, 1784.Died: June 6, 1799. “Radical,” is a title that few men can…

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The First County


Created on Dec. 13, 1819, by the Alabama Territorial Legislature which met in Huntsville, Alabama. She was the largest county in Alabama and the first county along Alabama’s east side and covered all of the Wiregrass. Named for Patrick Henry, Revolutionary Orator, Statesman and Hero from Virginia. The Henry County Historical Group, Inc. was organized June 2002. The purposes…

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Jackson Brothers Cut First Road

The very first transportation routes in the Alabama Territory and the newly formed Henry County, mainly followed old Indian paths. Early settlers entering the new lands, now Henry County, stayed close to Ft. Gaines, Georgia for protection from the Indians.  There were no roads on which to venture into the unsettled wilderness.  Among the early settlers that were settling…

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