Culp – Kirkland Cemetery

Barbara Bostick Sherrard

The Culp-Kirkland Cemetery is located on Co., Rd. 57 between Co. Rds. 99 and 53, about a mile south of the Oakey Grove Baptist Church. This small, closed cemetery is unique to most of the cemeteries in Henry County as it is neither private nor church affiliated although many members of the Community believe this is the original cemetery for the Oakey Grove Church. Instead, it sits alone surrounded by farmland although it is easily accessible from Co. Rd. 57.  This one acre cemetery was created due to the generosity of William Turkett Kirkland who donated the land to serve as a cemetery for the residents of the Oakey Grove Community, and virtually every family who has resided in this community since the later half of the nineteenth century has ties to this cemetery. The land was sold to the Culp family in the late 1800’s with the provision the acre would be preserved for a “grave yard”, and since then has been known as the Culp-Kirkland Cemetery. The earliest known burial was 1865 and the latest in 1982.

Several years ago, I began a genealogical survey of the cemetery to honor my great-grandmother, Martha Herring Bostick.  As with so many of our early cemeteries, there are both unnamed and unmarked burials within the cemetery.  A number of burials were marked with names and dates on wooden markers that are no longer present, and unfortunately, I have not been able to locate any official records with a listing of burials. Although I have received information of eight individuals buried in unmarked graves from family members, the task is far from complete, so if anyone has further knowledge of unmarked burials not listed below, please contact me at the address posted below. Over the years, the cemetery boundaries have eroded and some of the land has been reclaimed to farming. Pam Taylor, Sue Beasley and I have begun a process to restore the cemetery to it’s original boundaries. In doing so, we have had the land surveyed and it will now appear on the Henry County Platt.

Gone are the days when families gathered together for a day of “tending” cemeteries and the cemetery is presently being cared for by the Oakey Grove Church, a task greatly appreciated by all descendants of those buried there, but looking toward the future, a Culp-Kirkland Trust fund has been established to restore and preserve this cemetery that is a biographical history of the Oakey Grove Community.

List of Known Burials

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Barnes, George Adolphus

Barnes, John S.

Barnes, Martha C.

Barnes, Susie

Barnes, Willie C.

Bostick, Child-daughter

Bostick, Child-son

Bostick, Katie Efurd

Bostick John Ezra

Bostick, Martha

Bostick, Martha Herring

Bostick, Mary Cornelia

Culp, Chapel F.(Chappie)

Culp, Child

Culp, Child

Culp, Colo Eudene

Culp, Dossie Graham

Culp, Gordon T.

Culp, Martha R. Griggs

Culp, Roberta Lee

Culp, Smith

Culp, Willie B.

Cureton, Littleton H.

Cureton, Rhodie

Deal, Tildy Emma

Deal, Laney

Deal, W. J.

Efurd, Emanuel

Efurd, Mattie C. Griggs

Efurd, William E.

Griggs, Minnie Lee

Griggs, Sallie (child)

Griggs, Sallie K.

Griggs, William A.

Hartley, Carrie D.

Hartley, E. Monroe

Hartley, Lottie C.

Herring, Emanuel

Herring, Sarah S.

Jackson, Mary S.

Kirkland, Armstead

Kirkland, Elizabeth

Kirkland, James A.

Kirkland, Joseph C.

Kirkland, S. I.

Kirkland, Sallie D.

Kirkland, Sanders

Kirkland, Sarah A.

Kirkland, William T.

Merritt, Cleopatra Irene

Mims, Bennie Everton

Mims, Robbie

Mims, Wilburn

Moring, Unknown

Moring, Littlebaby (Bell)

Moring, Mary Etta

Moring, William

Moring, William J. G.

Roney, Thomas A.

Skeen, Marie Julie

Skeen, Infant Son

Skeen, Jesse

Skeen, Ralph

Skeen, Rosa Lenora

Skeen, William E.

Spann, Child

Spann, Sarah

Whiddon, Dempsy

Whiddon, Saludy

Whitehead, Unknown

Unknown adult near

James & Kirkland

Unknown child near

Robbie Mims

Unknown adult near

Robbie Mims

Unknown adult near

Rhodie & Littleton Cureton

2 Unknown graves next to

S. I. Kirkland

Unknown child next to

Dempsey Whiddon