The First County


Created on Dec. 13, 1819, by the Alabama Territorial Legislature which met in Huntsville, Alabama. She was the largest county in Alabama and the first county along Alabama’s east side and covered all of the Wiregrass. Named for Patrick Henry, Revolutionary Orator, Statesman and Hero from Virginia.

The Henry County Historical Group, Inc. was organized June 2002. The purposes of the group are to:

  • Conduct research into the History of Henry County
  • Preserve historic sites, documents and other items that have significance to the History of Henry County, Alabama,
  • Publish books, articles and other forms of data pertaining to the history of Henry County
  • Provide historical educational information and materials to the citizens and descendants of citizens of Henry County, Alabama.

HCHG is a volunteer organization and we do not maintain a research staff. Please do not send a request for research on any subject or person to HCHG.

Membership in the Henry County Historical Group, Inc. (HCHG) is open to any person who shares an interest in historical research and preservation and who is willing to up hold the policies and by laws of the HCHG. 

The Henry County Historical Group, Inc. is governed by a board of eight Directors. Meeting of the Board of Directors is at least quarterly or more often if necessary, at the call of the president. Directors serve without salary or compensation. 

The general membership of the Henry County Historical Group, Inc. is held annually. Notice is given to members in the Patrick Henry Orator of the annual meeting.

The Patrick Henry Orator is a magazine published by the Henry County Historical Group Inc. quarterly. The magazine is mailed to members of the Henry County Historical Group, Inc. The Orator is filled with articles and information about the history of Henry County written by members.