Old Center Cemetery

Surveyed on the 2nd & 16th of December 06 by:
Doug Preston, Sheila McClendon Preston, Roberta Whiddon Childs

Located at the intersection of Henry Co. road 89 & 109.  Directions to the cemetery from Newville:

  • From the Newville Baptist Church take Henry Co. 7 west go 5.3 miles turn left on CR 89 go 1.3 miles and the cemetery is on the left.
  • From Ozark: Take Hwy 27 north east to the Henry County line and go ½ mile take a right on Henry County 89 and go ½ mile cemetery is on the right.
  • From Abbeville: From the intersection of Hwy 431 and Hwy 27 go SE 9.2 miles turn left on Henry County 89 and go ½ mile cemetery is on the right.
Mixon, J. H.27 Mar 190411 Jan 1925Woodman of the World Marker
Sessions, Mina T.22 Oct 19016 Jul 2001 
Brannon, Wm. Carthell28 Feb 19135 Nov 1983Married 18 Jul 1936, S/O Alto & Choice Riley Brannon
Brannon, Francis Elmira24 Aug 1917NDDMarried 18 Jul 1936
Tice, Lewie M.19071984H/O of Mary Lee Preston Tice
Tice, Mary Lee Preston19092003& Alma McLain Preston
Howell, A. F. (Faust)16 Aug 188120 Jan 1957 
Brannon, Howard E.17 Feb 193926 Jan 1998 
Peebles, Albert W.31 Dec 188720 Mar 1956Father Buried in the same plot as Nellie
Peebles, Nellie Belle29 Sep 189119 Jan 1970Mother  Buried in same plot as Albert
Espinosa, Bessie Riley21 Sep 19135 Apr 2000 
Riley, Larry Dennis12 May 194817 Aug 2004This Headstone is directly under Espinosa, Bessie Riley
Riley, Lela17 Nov 189425 May 1985 
Riley, Daris L.4 Sep 191622 May 1977 
Riley, Veston13 Mar 191525 Jan 2004Married 24 Oct 1936 H/O Audrey W. Riley
Riley, Audrey W.21 Oct 1920 
Married 24 Oct 1936 W.O Veston Riley
Skinner, C. B.17 Aug 190722 Jun 1969Alabama Pvt. Us Army WW II
Parrish, Bessie Lee7 Aug 18972 May 1977Married 21 Aug 1948 W/O Leonard Parrish
Parrish, Leonard1 Jan 190630 May 1987Married 21 Aug 1948   H/O Bessie Lee Parrish
Riley, M. W. (Mill)22 Mar 187418 Jun 1951H/O Costilla Brannon Riley
Riley, Costilla Brannon3 Sep 187625 Mar 1964W/O M. W. (Mill) Riley
Mims, Ray 
Pillow Stone name on plaque
Faust, Lillie Evans Mims1 May 190313 Apr 1985 
Evans, Perry Carlice14 Nov 18942 May 1949Brother
Locke, Joseph A.5 Jan 188019 Dec 1950H/O Willie H. Locke
Locke, Willie H.24 Aug 188028 Sep 1954W/O Joseph A. Locke
Taylor, Marion E.9 Mar 186920 Aug 1952H/O Martha Taylor
Taylor, Martha14 Feb 188029 Oct 1963W/O Marion E. Taylor
Mims, Lewis Bascom9 Jan 189627 Sep 1945H/O Lessie Chancey Mims
Mims, Lessie Chancey29 Jul 190123 Sep 1989W/O Lewis Bascom Mims
Alexander, Ben Jackson2 Mar 1972 
Alexander, Malissa Rene’e27 Jul 19668 Dec 2002 
Alexander, J. R. 
Hicks, Alvin Bryan8 Jan 191612 Oct 1919Same plot
Adult, unmarked 
Same plot
Adult, unmarked 
Same plot
Riley, Henry29 Oct 1870?8 Oct 1910? 
Riley, Mollie L.?? 
Wright, Mary Polly15 Oct 185216 Mar 1936 
Wright, Mark9 Dec 186319?? 
Riley, Dayton4 Feb 188616 Feb 1918 
Roney, Dotha Jane Riley9 Aug 18892 Apr 1919 
Roney, Alto Lee24 Jan 18844 Oct 1964 
Roney, Avie Ann Carpenter31 Mar 189128 Feb 1968 
Roney, Margree18 Jan 19192 Jul 1919 
Arrington, Dutch19041966‘font-size:10.0pt;font-family:Arial; color:red’>
Unmarker adult 
Unmarker adult 
Unmarker adult 
Riley, Edward Z.19 Dec 18685 Apr 1929 
Riley, Jackson16 Jun 18446 Feb 1919 
Elmore, Ella20 Nov 188830 Nov 1970W/O R. E. Elmore
Elmore, R. E.23 Dec 18876 Aug 1921H.O Ella Elmore
Elmore, William Parnell30 Jun 19152 Jun 1918S/O E. R. & Ella Elmore (As on marker)
Smith, Susie Trawick3 Nov 189716 Feb 1962New headstone on old unmarked grave
Smith, B. S.23 Jun 189210 Oct 1943Woodman of the World
Smith, W. E.31 Aug 18651 Dec 1914New headstone on old unmarked grave
Adult, unmarked 
Chancey, Charles B.19 Dec 19277 Jun 1976Woodsman of the World, Pvt Army WW II
Chancey, Judy R.14 Feb 1933 
Lingo, Jeanelle3 Apr 19276 Oct 1943D/O Fed & Vassie Chancey Lingo
Johnson, Ronnie 
Pillow stone no dates
Chancey, Hester2 Nov 192611 Oct 1927S/O Causie P. & May Brannon Chancey
Skinner, John W.15 Jan 185626 Sep 1939H/O Belle Skinner
Skinner, Belle26 Oct 18626 Nov 1931W/O John W. Skinner
Chancy, Tom18601942H/O Martha
Chancey, Martha18651920W/O Thomas Chancey
Chancy, J. B. (Brink)3 Jan 186913 Jun 1953H/O Argie
Chancy, Argie M.10 Sep 187427 Aug 1936W/O J. B.  Chancey
Chancey, Amos Esto16 Aug 191331 Dec 1981H/O Ressie Chancey
Chancey, Ressie V.9 Jul 1918 
W/O Amos Esto Chancey
Riley, Wilbern12 Sep 189617 Sep 1917 
Infant20 Jul 192920 Jul 1929Infant S/O W. L. & Inez Kirkland
Kirkland, Maggie D.20 Aug 188030 Nov 1940 
Kirkland, John Vann21 Mar 18438 Feb 1930H/O Elizer Jane Kirkland
Kirkland, Elizer Jane27 Sep 185010 Oct 1920W/O John Vann kirkland
Kirkland, William H.31 Oct 188127 Aug 1916 
Bess, Cletus L.6 Feb 188122 May 1960H/O Mary Jane Bess
Bess, Mary Jane11 Feb 187631 May 1950W/O Cletus Bess
Wiggins, W. M.10 Dec 18693 Apr 1922 
Alexander, Jack Willard14 Apr 192710 Nov 1989 
Brannon, Lindy A.7 Jun 1929 
Riley, William E.1 Oct 185428 May 1915Same plot, H/O Marjian Johnson Riley
Riley, Marjian4 Apr 185925 Oct 1950Same plot, W/O   William E. Riley
Riley, Lucy14 May 18816 Nov 1965Same plot
Riley, Selma24 May 19033 May 1977 
Riley, Mary28 Jan 188215 Feb 1973W/O Pearman Riley
Riley, Pearman9 Jan 187423 Dec 1918H/O Mary Riley
Adult, unmarked 
Roney, Mathel Jenell19351936 
Chancey, Winnie Ward26 Jan 184022 Apr 1924H/O Amos D/O Jonathan & Mary Ward
Chancey, Amos22 Dec 18421 Mar 1924Pvt Co D 53rd Al. Regt. Partisan Rangers CSA, H/O Winnie
Riley, Francis15 Oct 191314 Sep 1916D/O W.E. & Ethel Riley
Chancey, John C.14 Sep 187326 May 1916H/O Tempie, S/O Amos & Winnie Ward Chancey
Chancey, Tempie13 Jun 187511 Feb 1950W/O John C. Chancey
Chancey, Sterlie2 May 190718 Aug 1916S/O John C. & Tempie Riley Chancey
Cameron, John Edgar4 Sep 189111 Jul 1971H/O Vinnie, Pvt. Co. C 331st Inf WWI
Cameron, Vinnie Chancey12 Apr 189923 Apr 1989W/O John Edgar Cameron
Exum, James H.23 Jul 190430 Nov 1942H/O Carrie V. Exum
Exum, Carrie V.7 Nov 189829 Aug 1970W/O James H. Exum
Unmarker adult 
Yon, Woodrow Wilson, Sr.15 Sep 191327 Mar 1995H/O Ollie Riley Yon
Yon, Ollie Riley13 Sep 191613 Aug 1971W/O Woodrow Wilson Yon
Unmarker child 
Child of Woodrow & Ollie
Riley, James C.3 Jan 18805 Dec 1950H/O Prillie Galloway Riley
Riley, Prillie O.10 Sep 188520 Jan 1967W/O James C. Riley
Riley, Eudora7 Jan 190916 Mar 1929Same plot as James C.& Prillie
Riley, Dewey S.18 Oct 190516 Jan 1937Same plot as James C.& Prillie
Unmarked adult 
Same plot as James C.& Prillie
Unmarked adult 
Same plot as James C.& Prillie
Riley, Omega15 Nov 192125 Jul 1937Same plot as James C.& Prillie
Satcher, Shelley Henry20 Jan 18681 May 1949H/O Eliza Satcher
Satcher, Eliza28 May 186529 Apr 1937W/O Shelley Henry Satcher
Satcher, Audrey V.14 Aug 190310 Aug 1915D/O Shelly & Eliza, Same plot as Shelley & Eliza
Unmarked adult 
Same plot as Shelley & Eliza
Brannon, Arizona21 Jul 189022 Dec 1963H/O Dora, Same plot as Shelley & Eliza
Brannon, Dora Satcher6 Sep 189712 Aug 1980W/O Arizona, Same plot as Shelley & Eliza
Alexander, Elton Creal26 Sep 190221 Oct 1930B/O Willis, Same plot, S/O Walter & Luella
Alexander, Willis Foy22 Aug 190723 Jul 1929B/O Elton, Same plot, S/O Walter & Luella
Alexander, Luella R.18 Oct 188215 Aug 1969W/O Walter H. Alexander, Same plot
Alaxander, Walter H.3 Jan 187621 Oct 1917H/O Leuella R. Alexander, Same plot
Carroll, Mrs. M. S.31 Jan 185811 Jan 1918 
Grimes, Mollie E.20 Feb 185015 Dec 1915 
Unmarked adult 
Harrison, M. W.8 Sep 187810 Nov 1914S/O Z. T. & S. A. Harrison
Mills, Chester Brown9 May 19202 Aug 19994H/O Dorothy Riley Mills
Mills, Dorothy Elizabeth15 May 19227 Dec 1998W/O Chester Mills
Riley. Lyman L.7 Aug 189720 Oct 1974H/O Mabel Riley
Riley, Mabel R.7 Jan 190223 Jan 1999W/O Lyman Riley
Chancey, Phillie Fitchel23 Dec 189822 Mar 1969H/O Thelma Chancey
Chancey, Thelma Maggie2 May 19085 Dec1948W/O Phillie Chancey
Brannon, Infant20 Mar 191321 Mar 1913S/O W. E. & Murtie Chancey Brannon
Brannon, Willie C.11 Feb 191515 Mar 1976H/O Betty June Wiggins Brannon/ S/O John & Missouri Ellen Galloway Brannon
Brannon, Ellen 
Doswell, Dora B. 
Brannon, John 
Brannon, Crawford 
Brannon, Mallie 
Brannon, Alva 
Truett, Infant20 Aug 18941 Dec 1894Infant of J. S. & S. E. Truett
Alexander, Ewell28 Aug 19043 Dec 1989H/O Edna Alexander
Alexander, Edna16 Aug 190918 Jun2001W/O Ewell Alexander
Alexander, E. F.27 Apr 184420 May 1929 
Alexander, Henry M.22 Jan 187414 Apr 1905 
Harrison, Mary Ellinor14 Nov 184531 Jan 1897 
Harrison, Elizabeth13 Sep 181925 Jan 1897 
Harrison, Cully Purl24 Feb 189312 Jun 1893D/O Z. T. & S. A. Harrison
Harrison, Z. T.14 Sept 184220 Dec 1907Masonic Emblem, H/O Sarah A. Harrison
Harrison, Sarah A.28 Feb 185027 Feb 1921W/O Z. T. Harrison
Walker, Eliza Riley12 Oct 187927 Apr 1935Same plot
Walker, James Ervin20 Jan 188219 Nov 1939Same plot
Grantham, May 
1921Aged 40
Unmarked Child 
Singleton, E. Rastus184928 Oct 1945H/O Lucy Singleton
Singleton, Lucy Riley18 Sep 187328 Oct 1945W/O E. Rastus Singleton
Chancey, Infant18 Feb 1914 
S/O Coy & Irene Chancey
Chancey, Coy T.4 Aug 189110 mar 1973H/O Irene Aman Chancey
Chancey, Irene A.1 Sep 18969 Dec 1998W/O Coy Chancey
Brannon, James E.16 May 183314 Jun 1904H/O Sara Jane Brannon
Brannon, Sara Jane10 May 183416 Dec 1918W/O James E.Brannon
Brannon, Curtis (Father)185418 Aug 1896H/O J. Elizabeth Enfinger
J. E. B. 
Unmarked adult 
Truett, Zilpha5 Sep 181928 Feb 1896W/O Curtis F. Truett
Truett, Curtis F.29 Sep 181114 May 1890H/O Zilpha Truett
Lisenby13 Nov 1905 
S/O S. Lisenby
Galloway, Arnold J.14 Feb 18533 Feb 1928H/O Elizabeth J. Galloway
Galloway, Elizabeth J.15 Sep185?20 Jun 1891W/O Arnold Galloway
Galloway, Infant Daughter1 Jan 18901 Jan 1890Buried in the same grave with the mother Elizabeth J. Galloway
Galloway, Martha Hortense15 Jun 188630 Aug 1888D/O A. J. & E. J. Galloway
Tice, Joseph Acome1 Apr 187717 Mar 1954H/O Willie P. Tice
Tice, Willie P.21 Jul 187713 Mar 1978W/O Joseph Acome Tice
Riley, Enoch M.10 Feb 187911 Jul 1947H/O Sarah L. Riley
Riley, Sarah L.18 Jun 188226 Dec 1972W/O Enoch M. Riley
Singleton, Ethel-Hue21 Jan 192927 Oct 1929Same plot
Singleton, Willie-Mae9 Sep 19137 Jan 1914Same plot
Singleton, Sams31 Mar 189326 Sep 1918Same plot, Al. Pvt.106th Engrs. WWI
Riley, Daniel15 Aug 183623 Dec 1904H/O Ruthey Evans Riley
Riley, Ruthey11 Oct 18354 Jan 1912W/O Daniel Riley
Unmarked, adult 
Gooford Corcial1881 
Our Infant, D/O J. E.& S. J. Brannan, Name on the marker as written
Brannon, ElizabethApr 1850Feb 1882 
Woodham, Henry Alice16 Nov 180815 Nov 1878 
Woodham, Mary E.20 May 184329 Mar 1898 
Williams, Wiley21 Jul 186030 Sep 1881 
Williams, Fannie23 Mar 184426 Apr 1882 
Galloway, Elizabeth18 Feb 18468 Nov 1915 
Galloway, James Wesley30 Nov 183815 Nov 1910 
Galloway, Wesley J.6 Oct 18641 Mar 1947 
Galloway, Fletcher W.27 May 187310 Jul 1957 
Unmarked adult 
Blankenship, E. M. (Dock)27 Mar 188523 Jan 1975H/O Winnie
Blankenship, Winnie11 Jun 188925 Jun 1962W/O E. M. (Dock)
Blankenship, Corby 
Riley, Alsom4 Aug 184918 Jan 1925H/O Martha Riley
Riley, Martha7 May 186228 Jan 1930W/O Alsom Riley
Brannon, Charlie W.28 Jan 187512 Mar 1945H/O Anna Wood Brannon
Brannon, Anna Wood22 Dec 18795 Nov 1957W/O Charlie W.Brannon
Brannon, J.O.22 May 18979 Feb 1924Child of Charlie W. & Anna Wood Brannon
Owens, Ralph E.30 Apr 19191 Nov 1999H/O Lorraine Smith Owens, Same plot
Owens, Lorraine S.26 Nov 192212 Jul 1981W/O Ralph Owens, Same plot
Smith, Berta G.16 Oct 188425 Apr 19692nd Wife of Joe A. Smith, Same plot
Smith, Joe A.14 Sep 18856 Aug 1964H/O Ozie Chancey & Berta Grandberry, Same plot
Smith, Ozie C.11 Oct 18888 Aug 19121st Wife of Joe A. Smith
Mother of Lina Crosier
Crosier, Lina 
Sister of Lina Crosier
Riley, Sara Hellen20 Dec 192027 Jan 1921 
Smith, William N.30 Mar 18707 Jun 1870S/O F. M. & Mary Smith
Unmarked adult 
Woodham, Clary16 Sep 182016 May 1895W/O Redic Woodham
Alexander, J. I.6 Oct 184218 Oct 1900H/O Marilda Alexander
Alexander, Marilda20 Feb 18375 Jan 1923W/O J. I. Alexander
Alexander, James E.15 Sep 186721 Oct 1873S/O J. I. & Marilda
Wooden Markers
Wooden Markers
Wooden Markers
Wooden Markers
Segers, Hattie S.19 Aug 187926 Nov 1879D/O I. E. & N. Segers
Wiggins, Rebecca10 Dec 184924 Dec 19303rd W/O James U. Cureton
Cook, Lucy K.12 Aug 188829 Mar 1918W/O G. W. Cook
Snell, Thomas Rosco30 May 191926 Dec 1950Al. Ensign USNR WWII
Snell, Dan Smith10 Apr 193321 Jul 1963(In memory of) Al. S. Sgt. U, S. Air Force
Snell, William Pryor21 Sep 18859 Jul 1949H/O Mayme Snell, Masonic Marker
Snell, Mayme B.23 Mar 189514 Sep 1985W/O William Pryor Snell
Collins, Sarah11 Nov 194611 Nov 1948 
Snell, Delaine18 Dec 193715 Nov 1939 
Brannon, Thomas18511931H/O Amamda Smith Brannon
Brannon, Amanda18541949W/O Thomas Brannon
Smith, Charley A.10 Mar 18572 Feb 1942H/O Florida Driggers Smith
Smith, Florida Driggers25 Mar 185221 Nov 1928W/O Charley A. Smith
Brannon, Jasper12 Sep 184426 Oct 1934H/O Ella, Co. E. 57th Ala. Regt. CSA
Brannon, Ella11 Nov 186017 Oct 19322nd Wife of Jasper Brannon
Smith, Alonzo E.7 Jul 187910 May 1921H/O Missouri Smith
Smith, Missouri E.28 Dec 187910 Feb 1946W/O Alonzo E. Smith
Brannon, Early16 Jun 18955 Nov 1904S/O Jasper & Ella Brannon
Brannon, Infant 
Child of Jasper & Ella Brannon, Same plot
Brannon, Infant 
Child of Jasper & Ella Brannon, Same plot
Brannon, Infant 
Child of Jasper & Ella Brannon, Same plot
Brannon, Infant 
Child of Jasper & Ella Brannon, Same plot
Smith, Richard 
Aged about 70 years
Smith, Sarah C. 
Aged about 70 years
Brannon, Yancy24 Apr 188117 Nov 1881 
Brannon, Martha4 Oct 184829 Apr 18811st Wife of Jasper Brannon
Brannon, H. E.20 Feb 188022 Aug 1880D/O Thomas & S. A. Brannon
Brannon, Jasper11 Sep 187919 Jul 1889S/O Jasper & Martha Smith Brannon
Brannon, Leander20 Oct 187617 Nov 1876D/O Thomas & S. A. Brannon
Brannon, Mary11 Feb 187012 Oct 1872 
Brannon, Henry11 Feb 186811 Jul 1869 
Grimes, Eliza12 Oct 18304 Aug 1862 
Driggers, Elizabeth1 Mar 181830 Sep 1901 
Brannan, Anzilla5 Jun 180815 Apr 1890W/O Rosier Brannon
Brannan, Rosier14 Sep 18039 Feb 1862H.O Anzilla Galloway Brannon
Murphy, Lucy 
Cureton, William Jackson17601833Ga. militia, Rev. War, born in Sussex Co. Va., H/O Celia Bannister Cutchen, same plot
Cutchen, Celia Banister17951874W/O William Jackson Cureton, born Chester Co. S. C., Same plot
Cureton, C. 
Pillow Stone, Same plot
Cureton, P. 
Pillow Stone, Same plot
Cureton, E. 
Pillow Stone, Same plot
Cureton, M. A. 
Pillow Stone, Same plot
Cureton, A. J. 
Pillow Stone, Same plot
Cureton, M. S. 
Pillow Stone, Same plot
Cureton, James Uriah18231897Sgt. Co. H 27th Al. Inf. CSA, Same Plot
Cureton, Margaret Stokes18331870Same plot
Cureton, Everet18511856Same plot
Cureton, Marvin A.18791885Same plot
Cureton, Alex J.18631890Same plot
Cureton, Purman18661872Same plot
Cureton, Choice18731881Same plot
Brannon, Charles F.3 Jun 189118 Jun 1963Al. SFC Medical Dept. WWI
Snell, Charles Fred18 Aug 192529 Oct 1965 
Collins, Talmadge25 Mar 191110 Jul 2002H/O Blanche Collins
Collins, Blanche W.30 Dec 19179 Jan 1996W/O Talmadge Collins
Driggers, Becky 
Driggers, Twigs 
Brannon, Alsie Smith15 Jun 188028 Feb 1960W/O Jonah B. Brannon
Riley, James Ocie7 Mar 188726 Aug 1953Mason, H/O Carrie V. Riley
Riley, Carrie V.17 Dec 189529 Nov 1939W/O James Ocie Riley
Enfinger, Evie Riley19011990Same plot
Enfinger, John E.18691944Mason, H/O Camella Enfinger, Same plot
Enfinger, Camella18671924W/O John E Enfinger., Same plot
Halstead, Gincy Riley 
30 Jun 1899Age about 50, W/O W. A. Halstead
Halstead, Barton 
Age about 13
Riley, Wesley Rev.24 Jul 18326 Nov 1904Mason, H/O Nancy Marie Galloway Riley, B Co. 33rd Al. Inf Regt
Riley, Nancy Marie19 Feb 184011 Aug 1902W/O Wesley Riley
Riley, Zinnamon 
26 May 1866 
Riley, James E. 
4 Dec 1864 
Woodham, Redic11 Jul 18146 May 1858 
Galloway, Zinnamon D.27 Oct 184528 Jun 1854 
Galloway, C.? Nov 184626 May 1861 
Galloway, James E.8 Nov 18582 Sep 1861 
Lisenby, Nancy J.29 May 18612 Jul 1862D/O J. S. & S. E. Lisenby
Lisenby, Lillie E.5 Jul 18625 Jul 1852D/O J. S. & S. E. Lisenby
Aman, Little James26 Jan 186827 Aug 1868S/O B. E. & M. M. Aman
Aman, Little Sarah22 Jul 186927 Aug 1878D/O  B. E. & M. M. Aman
Aman, Little Parry3 Mar 187610 May 1876S/O B. E. & M. M. Aman
Galloway, Eliza M.6 Jan 186317 Jan 1866D/O J. W. & Elizabeth Galloway
Galloway, Robert B.3 Feb 188216 Oct 1882S/O  J. W. & Elizabeth Galloway
Riley, Amanda C.14 Feb 187723 Sep 1880D/O A. & D. Riley
Galloway, Elizabeth10 Jun 181713 Nov 1882(Could be same as Beth Galloway)
Galloway, Edward J.24 Nov 180929 Dec 1884 
Galloway, Beth10 Jun 181715 Nov 1882(Could be same as Elizabeth Galloway)
Galloway, Elizabeth23 Oct 184815 Oct 1886W/O H. J. Galloway
Galloway, Nancy A.17 Sep 184517 Aug 1900 
Spivey, Hollie W.24 Feb 19081 Feb 1981H/O Blanche, Same plot, S/O Daniel & Della Sprivey
Spivey, Blanche B.25 Mar 190718 Apr 1992W/O Hollie W., Same plot, D/O Bernie C. & Mattie Riley Brannon
Spivey, Infant7 Jan 19297 Jan 1929S/O Hollie & Blanche, Same plot
Blondell, Evelyn21 Oct 1929 
D/O Hollie  & Blanche, Same plot
Brannon, Bernie C.24 Aug 18879 Jun 1967H/O Mattie Riley Brannon
Brannon, Mattie R.17 Dec 18837 Sep 1960W/O Bernie C. Brannon
Brannon, Nellie Grace8 Jan 192115 Jul 1926D/O Bernie C. & Mattie R. Brannon
Riley, Wiley Wesley18431909H/O Piety Ann Riley
Riley, Piety Ann Enfinger11 Nov 184731 Dec 1916W/O Wiley Wesley Riley
Slab broken
Brannon, William R.18 May 185229 May 1946H/O Celia S.Curenton
Brannon, Celia S.11 May 186115 Jul 1934W/O William R.Brannon
Brannon, James Lias4 Nov 187828 Mar 1887S/O W. R. & C. S. Brannon
Bagwell, Argent1 Oct 183323 Apr 1900W/O L. R. Bagwell
Bagwell, Larkin R.9 Sep 184129 Jan 19052nd H/O Argent Gay Brannon, G Co 15th Al. Inf Regt
Brannon, Robert E.3 Apr 186030 Sep 1939H/O E. Jane, S/O Jehoiakim & Argent Gay Brannon
Brannon, E. Jane22 Oct 18601 Jun 1938W/O Robert E. Brannon
Deal, LewisApr 1831Jul 1863H/O Nancy Jane, Pvt. Co. H 8th Al. Inf. CSA
Deal, Nancy Jane20 Jul 183511 Nov 1870W/O Lewis Deal
Bess, Jean18301876W/O John Bess
Alexander, Eliza E.15 Nov 184024 Mar 1841D/O James & E. J. Alexander
Alexander, Robert E.7 Oct 184524 Dec 1846S/O James & E. J. Alexander
Alexander, Wesley G.29 Oct 184724 Sep 1852S/O James & E. J. Alexander
Alexander, E. J.7 Mar 181721 Nov 1899W/O James Alexander
Alexander, James17 Jun 181228 Aug 1892H/O E. J. Alexander
Wiggins, Abica10 Jan 184728 Sep 1867 
Lisenby, Joshua 
Jun 1839Aged about 25 years
Lisenby, Noah W.8 Apr 187222 Jul 1873S/O J. S. & S. E. Lisenby
Lisenby, James R.22 Sep 186729 Aug 1887S/O J. S. & S. E. Lisenby
Galloway, James Moulton11 May 187430 Jul 1879S/O A. J. & E. J. Galloway
Wiggins, Infant22 Sep 190422 Sep 1904S/O R. & E. H. Wiggins
Collins, John William4 Jul 194030 Oct 2004S/O Talmadge & Blanche Collins
Davis, J. S. Jr. (Sammie)5 Oct 190517 Sep 1982S/O J. S. & Fannie Davis
Davis, J. S.18641938H/O Fannie Davis
Davis, Fannie18721937W/O J. S. Davis
Riley, Lena18811930W/O Irving Riley, Same plot
Riley, Irving18761953H.O Lena Riley, Same plot
Riley, Myrtle Ruth19171919Same plot
Riley, Corbit17 Nov 191620 Nov 1916Same plot
Riley, Susie12 Dec 187117 Dec 1903Same plot
Unable to lift stone to read
Riley, Jeter11 May 18853 Nov 1944H/O Hettie Riley
Riley, Hettie26 Jan 18907 Apr 1952W/O Jeter Riley
Unmarked, Adult 
Walker, Dewey Raymond6 Sep 190518 Nov 1945 
Walker, Claudie Cornelia23 Jul 188522 Nov 1930 
Turner, Ruth Virginia11 Aug 192811 May 1929 
Riley, Dot30 Jul 191615 Jun 1918 
Brannon, Noah F.23 Dec 18722 Mar 1938H/O Mary C
Brannon, Mary C.13 Dec 18756 Nov 1948W/O Noah F.
Brannon, Martha31 Oct 18966 Jun 1913 
Brannon, Fred22 Oct 189614 Oct 1902 
Killebrew, James Edward7 Nov 19243 Feb 2006H/O Cozette B., Tec 5 US Army WWII
Killebrew, Cozette B.7 Sep 1929 
W/O James Edward
Riley, Jerry Taylor1 Jan 19044 Feb 1999 
Brannon, J. D.29 mar 19031 Apr 1895H/O Lizzie Brannon
Brannon, Lizzie24 Nov 190431 Jan 1982W/O J. D. Brannon
Brannon, Patricia27 Jul 193829 Sep 1938 
Riley, Gillum 
Co. G 15th Al. Inf. CSA, H/O Sarah A. Riley
Riley, Sarah A.16 Nov 183320 May 1886W/O Gillum Riley
Tiller, Martha J.20 Sep 18577 Jan 1890W/O B. S. Tiller
Riley, Little Hollie B.21 Jun 189021 Jun 1897S/O John E. & Roxie
Alexander, C. B.18 Aug 185118 Jul 1882Mason
Alexander, Bessie Irene5 Sep 19005 Sep 1900D/O J. W. & Ada Alexander
Mims, Alvin E.11 Jul 190213 Jul 1902S/O J. R. & M. P. Mims
Mims, Alvah E.15 Sep 190314 Feb 1903S/O J. R. & M. P. Mims
Wood, C. C.11 Mar 184111 Jun 1908Mason
Wood, Charley A.3 Apr 184123 Jan 1915 
Marker only
Spires, Lucille Brannon30 Jul 192511 Sep 1948W/O James R. Spires
Unmarked, Adult 
Hunt, Ever18281890 
Gill, Josephad26 Mar 188425 Jan 1893S/O L. D. & L. C. Gill
Woodham, Hilliary Hopewell11 Jul 187929 Apr 1934 
Woodham, Ella Nancy21 Oct 188514 Jun 1977 
Woodham, Elsie Floyd19 Sep 19216 Jul 1928 
Woodham, Watson Wesley25 Jan 19196 Feb 1927 
Woodham, Joe Paul13 Jul 191620 Apr 1918 
Unmarked, Adult 
Riley, John E.25 Nov 187019 Mar 1930Woodman of the World Marker
Riley, M. A. 
Wiggins, Jasper J.17 Sep 186013 Apr 1864S/O A. & M. A. Wiggins
Ward, Little Eliza5 Mar 184930 Apr 1854D/O John & Elender Ward
Cox, W. E.18271860 
Turlington, Molly8 Apr 186223 Jan 1880W/O C. C. Turlington
Turlington, Baby3 Jan 18803 Jan 1880S/O C. C. & Molly Turlington
Riley, John, Sr. 
About 84 years, H/O Mary Riley
Riley, Mary 
, W/O John Riley, Sr.
Ward, Elender21 Jul 181318 Jul 1895W/O John C. Ward, D/O John & Mary Riley
Ward, John C.23 Nov 180815 May 1901H/O Elender Riley Ward
Riley, Sarah 
30 Dec 1889About 69 years, W/O Moses Riley
Riley, MosesOct 181720 Jan 1902H/O Sarah Riley, H/O Sarah Riley
Walden, Tilman27 Jul 191119 Jan 1985H/O Jamie
Walden, Jamie22 Feb 19154 Aug 1997W/O Tilman Walden
Brannon, Robert E.14 Nov 189518 Sep 1965H/O Birdie B. Brannon
Brannon, Birdie B.6 Nov 189811 Sep 1994W/O Robert E. Brannon
Willis, William M.19 Aug 18611 Jan 1930H/O Rosa Lee Willis
Willis, Rosa Lee15 Jun 188510 May 1927W/O William M. Willis
Anderson, Sara A.14 Dec 182216 Sep 1895 
Just a soapstone marking the grave
Dervian, Annie Ruth Penton7 Mar 19219 Aug 1954 
Woodham, Adus8 Nov 191228 Jun 1929 
Balkcom, A. L.5 Oct 19036 Oct 1903S/O George & M. L. Balkcom
Balkcom, Joe Donies18 Oct 18982 Feb 1900S/O George & M. L. Balkcom
Balkcom, Martha L.18 Jul 187613 Nov 1943W/O George Balkcom
Balkcom, George28 Nov 18638 Jul 1942H/O Martha L. Balkcom
Riley, Seaborn2 Aug 19149 Aug 1914 
Riley, Mary 
11 Sep 1888Aged 85 years, W/O Edward Riley
Riley, Edward 
15 May 1875Aged 90 years, H/O Mary Riley
Riley, Needham1 Oct 182325 Apr 1857 
Cameron, Mary S.10 Oct 18406 Jun 1855 
Cameron, Nancy10 Jun 184810 Jun 1848 
Cameron, Elizer15 Jul 185015 Jul 1850 
Ward, Mary A.24 Jan 18448 Jun 1854D/O Jonathan & Mary Ward
Ward, Mary17 Apr 182828 Aug 1861W/O Jonathan Ward
Ward, Jonathan23 Apr 181113 Oct 1868H/O Mary Ward
Chancey, Harrison18 May 186720 May 1869 
Chancey, Anner17 Aug 186513 Jul 1871 
Chancey, Infant16 Sep 187217 Sep 1872 
Chancey, Infant15 Sep 187217 Sep 1872 
Chancey, Luley18 Mar 188217 Jun 1885 
Enfinger, William H.11 Apr 189616 Sep 1974Pvt. US Army WWI
Both, William E.18781962 
Both, Lillie Mae18881938 
Anderson, Tere Madie18 Aug 18966 Dec 1896D/O J. C. & C. J. Anderson
Balkcom, Anna Belle9 Dec 189925 Jul 1900D/O B. M. & A. E. Balkcom
Balkcom, Benjamin26 Jul 189828 Aug 1899 
Balkcom, Adrianna E.18 Jul 185819 Apr 1913W/O B. M. Balkcom
Balkcom, B. M.22 Jun 185924 Jun 1916H/O Adrianna E. Balkcom
Balkcom, Colista Jane 
Not legible
Gamron, Sarah A.22 Aug 181825 Aug 1889Might be Cameron ?
Riley, William M.2 Apr 185311 Dec 1900H.O Ida Riley
Riley, Ida S.19 Sep 185818 Mar 1943W/O William M. Riley
Calhoun, Elbert W. Sr.30 Aug 192130 Apr 1996PFC US Army WWII, H./O A. Lois Calhoun
Calhoun, A. Lois25 Jan 192018 Jan 1985W/O Elbert W. Sr.
Calhoun, Elbert W. Jr.20 May 194827 Oct 1994S/O Elbert W. Sr.
Calhoun, Mary Jean20 Jan 1961 
D/O Elbert W. Sr.
Lingo, Loyd S.2 Dec 19041 Jul 1976H/O Minnie Lingo
Lingo, Minnie Riley16 Jul 190022 Jan 1974W/O Loyd Lingo
Balkcom, J. 
Murphy, W. 
Murphy, D. 
Deal, W. M.6 Nov 185323 Apr 1924H/O Elephare Deal
Deal, Elephare25 Dec 185517 Feb 1926W/O W. M. Deal
Grantham, Vermell D.27 May 18816 Feb 1959 
Murphy, H. Elizabeth16 Jan 18739 Nov 1896 
Balkcom, Mary181424 Feb 1880W/O James Balkcom
Balkcom, James7 Jan 180724 Nov 1887H/O Mary Balkcom
Murphy, Alice M.11 Jul 184216 Jan 1929W/O James D. Murphy
Murphy, James D.26 Jul 183115 Aug 1885H/O Alice M. Murphy
Balkcom, Emma 
Age 18 years, D/O James A. & Sarah S. Balkcom
Balkcom, Albert 
Age 18 near 3 years, S/O James A. & Sarah S. Balkcom
Balkcom, Infant 
S/O James A. & Sarah S. Balkcom
Balkcom, Infant 
S/O James A. & Sarah S. Balkcom
Murphy, Arnold31 Aug 181213 Jul 1855 
Rogers, A. A.1 Jan 182231 Jan 1864H/O Nancy Rogers
Rogers, Nancy13 Feb 182922 Jun 1864W/O A. A. Rogers
Riley, Jacob1 Apr 184517 Jul 1864In memory of
Riley, Issac9 Feb 18468 Apr 1857In memory of
Riley, Enoch Columbus13 May 18618 Nov 1862In memory of, S/O Danield Riley, Jr. & Putela
Enfinger, Ellis 
18 Feb 1870H/O Matilda Enfinger
Enfinger, Matilda 
20 Dec 1889Age 73 years, W/O Ellis Enfinger
Galloway,191227 Feb 1930Broken stone
Riley, Ray28 Aug 192223 May 1969Same plot
Riley, Arrie Austin21 Apr 191617 Aug 1973Same plot
Riley, James Allison27 Sep 192925 Aug 1993Same plot
Bagwell, D. F.18831929 
Unmarked adult 
Unmarked adult 
Same plot
Riley, Robert I.3 Mar 18701 Apr 1942Same plot, H/O Ider C. Riley
Riley, Ider C.14 Nov 186925 Sep 1933Same plot, W/O Robert I. Riley
Balkcom, Lach19061909D/O M. M. & U. A. Balkcom
Galloway, Ella16 Oct 186818 Nov 1945W/O Eldridge Galloway, Same plot
Galloway, Eldridge4 May 186528 Aug 1948H/O Ella Galloway, Same plot
Galloway, Jimmie1 Mar 191227 Feb 1930Same plot
Galloway, Infant 
Infant of J. E. & M. E. Galloway, Same plot
Galloway, Cliff Foy24 Apr 190418 Mar 1905Infant of J. E. & M. E. Galloway, Same plot
Galloway, H. J.23 Oct 18379 Apr 1915Same plot
Tice, John Edward18741955H/O Cora E. Tice
Tice, Cora Elizabeth18801971W/O John Edward Tice
Brannon, Alto S. (Bud)22 Sep 18852 Oct 1961H/O Choice
Brannon, Choice1 Jan 188726 May 1982W/O Alto Brannon
Grandberry, Vita Lee14 May 19101 Dec 1983D/O Alto & Choice Brannon
Brannon, Infant 
D/O Alto & Choice Brannon
Riley, W. R.16 Nov 184211 Nov 1928H/O Mary E. Rile, Same plot
Riley, Mary E.4 Apr 184818 Jun 1926W/O W. R. Riley, Same plot
Riley, Margret A.13 Apr 187819 Jun 1903D/O W. R. & M. E. Riley, Same Plot
Tice, Evy Pecolia1 Oct 189626 Dec 1996Child, Same plot
Riley, Noy E.29 Dec 18721 Jan 1875Same plot
Riley, Ella J.3 Aug 186721 Jun 1869Same plot
Rogers, Joseph A. J.22 Apr 1864 
Died in 2 years
Riley, H. E.17 Sep 186711 Jul 1869 
Wood marker
Wood marker
Not legible
Smith, S. S.18351908H/O Winnie Smith
Smith, Winnie 
24 Apr 1906At about 86 years
Riley, Lonnie Sellers12 Jan 18925 Sep1954H/O Estelle Riley
Riley, Estelle7 Oct 189413 Nov 1883W/O Lonnie Sellers Riley
Unmarked, Infant 
Riley, Thomas H.9 Mar 189126 Dec 1947 
Riley. Elie7 Sep 185729 Mar 1928 
Riley, Rhoda Ann18691950 
Unmarked, Adult 
Kirkland, Clara W.22 Apr 18937 May 1971 
Kirkland, William O.1 Mar 189617 Apr 1961 
Galloway, T. Lester21 Jan 190619 Mar 1993H/O Palma S. Galloway
Galloway, Palma S.29 Jan 190627 Oct 1997W/O T. Lester Galloway
Galloway, Howard 
S/O Lester & Palma Galloway, Pillow stone
Galloway, Linda 
D/O Lester & Palma Galloway, Pillow stone
Unmarked, Adult 
McLain, Susanna26 Apr 183916 Nov 1916W/O W. W. McLain
McLain, W. W.23 Nov 182824 Oct 1895H/O Susanna Wiggins McLain
Unmarked, Adult 
Wiggins, Elizabeth10 Oct 180326 Sep 1894W/O Abijah Wiggins
Wiggins, Abijah5 Feb 180323 Sep 1887H/O Elizabeth Adams Wiggins
Cutchen, Mary Ann7 Jul 18406 Jul 1927W/O H. R. Cutchen
Cutchen, H. R.30 May 183021 Dec 1920H/O Mary Ann Cutchen
Cutchen, Harmon29 Nov 186515 Sep 1869 
Cutchen, Zillie13 Apr 186727 Sep 1869 
Grantham, L. Lucille Goff1 May 190819 Jan 1987Married 24 Jun 1923, W/O John Virgil Grantham
Grantham, John Virgil16 Aug 190516 Apr 1991Married 24 Jun 1923, H/O L. Lucille Goff
Shirah, Jane18611932 
Stone marker
Wood marker
Wood marker
Riley, James Carley20 Dec 18892 Oct 1961H/O Claudie B. Riley
Riley, Claudie B.26 May 189310 Mar 1919W/O James Carley Riley
Riley, Teddy E.9 Mar 189818 Noc 1901S/O J. E. & Mary Riley
Riley, Eliza 
18 Jun 1902Aged 75 years
Tiller, Ollie Clee10 Jul 18914 Jul 1893D/O B. S. & Mollie Tiller
Tiller, Emma C.9 Feb 18721 May 1892D/O B. S. & Mollie Tiller
Babston, Nettie C.18701946W/O Francis A. Babston
Babston, Francis A.18581933H/O Nettie C. Babston
Babston, Eliza Jane22 Dec 186516 Mar 1930W/O M. A. Babston, She was a Baldwin
Tiller, Charlie1 Oct 186813 Feb 1890 
Babston, M. A.4 Nov 18506 Aug 1911H/O Eliza Jane Babston, Reverend
Babston, Tamar24 Dec 182524 Aug 1887W/O J. T. Babston
Babston, J. T.3 Mar 182318 Dec 1859H/O Tamar Babston
Barwick, Redden31 Oct 18062 Sep 1888H/O Nancy Barwick
Barwick, Nancy23 Feb 18082 Jun 1887W/O Redden Barwick
Sowell, Eliza Ann19 Dec 183121 Sep 1878 
Riley, Joseph31May 1855Feb 1926H/O Jane Riley, Married 24 Aug 1876
Riley, Jane31 Dec 1858Jan 1935W/O Joseph Riley, Married 24 Aug 1876, Same plot
Riley, Alma2 Feb 190128 Mar 1901Infant D/O Joseph & Jane Riley, Same plot
Johnson, Sarah Ann16 Feb 183021 Feb 1896Same plot
Johnson, Elexy M.8 Jan 183720 Feb 1898M/O Jane Johnson Riley, Same plot
Riley, Ollie12 May 188714 Nov 1888D/O Joseph & Jane Riley, Same plot
Riley, Myrtle Ruth5 Feb 19016 Feb 1901D/O Dan & Zella Riley, Same plot
Truett,19 May 188221 May 1882Infant S/O W. C. & M. C. Truett, Single plot
Riley, Charles28 Apr 18706 Oct 1940H/O Deller Riley
Riley, Deller31 Aug 1860 
W/O Charles Riley
Riley, Lillie Addie28 Oct 189519 Aug 1908D/O Charles & Deller Riley
Riley, Earnest E.11 Dec 189122 Sep 1892S/O Charles & Deller Riley
Riley, Kittie C.23 Dec 189514 Dec 1897D/O J. A. & Anzillie Riley
Goff, Bertie Lee24 Dec 188812 Oct 1968W/O Craton Goff
Goff, Craton Orlander2 Feb 188924 May 1950H/O Bertie Goff
Trawick, Thomas M.15 Nov 190231 Jul 1942Woodman of the World, Alabama Pvt. 17th Tank Bn WWI
Goff, MattieJun 1891Jan 1968W/O Fletcher Goff
McAllister, EleanorFeb 1922Feb 1945 
Goff, FletcherAug 1882Jun 1925H/O Mattie Goff.
Goff, AlmaMay 1906Feb 1929D/O Fletcher & Mattie Goff
Brannon, Haley B.7 Jul 18936 Jul 1948H/O Kate Trawick Brannon
Brannon, Kate T.23 Jan 190021 Apr 1993W/O Haley Brannon
Brannon, Cleo21 Dec 192031 Oct 1944Alabama Pvt. 363rd Infantry WWII
Brannon, Cuthbert9 Oct 191911 Sep 1920 
Child Grave 
No marker
Ward, Infant27 Jul 190427 Jul 1904S/O Monroe & Francis Ward
Ward, Talbot2 Dec 189721 Dec 1897S/O Monroe. & Francis Ward
Ward, Ollie S.25 Apr 188025 Aug 1880S/O Thomas & Anzille Galloway Ward
Ward, Moulton T.10 Sep 188829 Sep 1890S/O Thomas & Anzille Galloway Ward
Ward, Alvah S.23 Dec 18911 Mar 1892D/O Thomas & Anzille Galloway Ward
Balkcom, Lucinda27 Jun 184223 Aug 1920 
Tice, Andrew11 Apr 183718 Nov 1915 
Pierce, Colonel W.16 Oct 18933 Nov 1915S/O W. J. & M. B. Pierce
Pierce, Infant12 Dec 190812 Dec 1908D/O W. J. & M. B. Pierce
Pearce, R. P. (Ted)12 Jan 19081 Jul 1930 
Pearce, William J.8 Jun 186016 Feb 1946H/O Brasella Pearce
Pearce, Brasella26 Dec 186917 Jun 1948W/O William J. Pearce
Pierce, Ira23 Dec 189530 Apr 1919 
Marker, Blank 
Metal marker
Ward, J.J.19 May 18423 Apr 1890H/O Mary Chancey
Ward, Mary 
2 Oct 1902W/O Jackson J. Ward
Ward, Robert 
24 Aug 1902S/O J. J. & Mary Ward
Marker, Blank 
Nothing on it
Adkins, Grace W.23 Oct 190721 Feb 1990H/O Lollie C. Adkins
Adkins, Lollie C.23 Oct 191411 Jun 1992W/O Grace W. Adkins
Adkins, Billy Clyde15 Feb 193527 Jun 1998S/O Grace & Lollie Adkins
Adkins, Lillian 
Trawick, Infant22 Aug 1930 
Infant/O D. G. & Nellie Trawick
Unmarked, adult 
Goff, Ella R.27 Apr 185529 Sep 1959W/O Harvey Goff
Goff, Harvey W.10 Mar 185318 Dec 1945H/O Ella Goff
Unmarked, adult 
Goff, Perry20 Nov 19117 Nov 1912S/O H. W. & E. R. Goff
Goff, Tommie6 Sep 188715 Aug 1890S/O V. T. & M. A. Goff
Goff, Joseph12 Feb 188114 Mar 1897S/O V. T. & M. A. Goff
Owens, Wyatte8 Jan 19107 Feb 1910S/O Mr. & Mrs. F. C. Owens
Owens, Noah FletcherDec 19075 Nov 1908S/O Mr. & Mrs. F. C. Owens
Wood, James E.14 May 18688 Jul 1939H/O Louisa B. Wood
Wood, Louisa B. 
W/O James E. Wood
Wood, Irell22 Jul 188713 Oct 1913D/O Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Wood
Wood, Little Cleo15 Oct 190613 Sep 1908D/O Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Wood
Brannon, Jimmie E.10 Jun 18858 Oct 1933H/O Claudie Hunt Brannon
Brannon, Claudie Hunt13 Jan 188410 Sep 1953W/O Jimmie E. Brannon
Hunt, Johny M.27 Mar 189022 Jun 1904 
Hunt, John L.29 Aug 185827 Jun 1931H/O Linda Riley Hunt
Hunt, Linda Riley25 Sep 18594 Feb 1937W/O John L. Hunt
Smith, Infant18841885D/O Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Smith
Brannon, John W.8 May 18427 Feb 1900H/O Jane Brannon
Brannon, Jane9 Jun 18501 Dec 1908W/O John W. Brannon
Wood, John A.18121882H/O Sarah Wood, 2nd Postmaster at Cureton Bridge 1852-1866
Wood,Sarah Cureton18171935W/O  John A. Wood, D/O William J. & Celia Cureton
Wood, Elizabeth Jane18431935D/O J. A. & S. Wood
Cureton, J. W. (Jimmiy)15 Mar 191922 Jul 1996 
Cureton, Mary20 Oct 188319 Dec 1959W/O Morgan Cureton
Cureton, Morgan P.6 Mar 188120 Jul 1941H/O Mary Cureton
Cureton, Susie Pearl24 Mar 19223 Jan 1924D/O M. T. Cureton
Wood, Sarah18851888D/O Shelby & Sallie Wood
Benton, Kate Wood18871947D/O Shelby & Sallie Wood
Wood, Shelby Taylor3 Mar 184922 Jun 1927H/O Sallie Rhodes Wood
Wood, Sallie Rhodes27 Jan 184820 Jun 1920W/O Shelby Wood
Riley, Infant2 May 1903 
Infant/O Mr. & Mrs A. E. Riley
Riley, Ollie14 Aug 18959 Nov 1896D/O N. F. & S. Riley
Riley, Daniel M.26 Nov 189010 Oct 1891S/O A. & D. Riley
Riley, Perry12 Oct 188510 Aug 1898S/O A. & D. Riley
Unmarked, infant 
Unmarked, infant 
Pate,, Infant20 Jul 194820 Jul 1948S/O Mr. Mrs. Arthur E. Pate, Jr.
Evans, William Dorsey25 Apr 191714 Dec 1989H/O Merle Evans
Evans, Merle R. Pate30 Mar 19241 Jul 2001W/O William Dorsey Evans
Riley, John Earl20 Jan 197320 Jan 1973S/O Mr. & Mrs E. E. Riley
Pate, Arthur E. III27 Jun 1950 
Riley, W. Harry18961960H/O A. Florence Riley
Riley, A. Florence18971946W/O W. Harry Riley
Riley, Billy Ray19301931 
Riley, Martha Era19191919 
Riley, J. Luther31 Jul 189431 Aug 1919Co. G 167th Infantry WWI
Riley, John E.26 Jun 18629 Aug 1909H/O Roxie M. Riley
Riley, Roxie M.21 May 187223 Apr 1931W/O John E. Riley
Riley, Daniel20 Jun 180929 Jun 1897H/O Mary Ann Brannon Riley
Riley, Mary16 Dec 182630 Jan 1891W/O Daniel Riley
Riley, Cindy 
27 May 1897Age 60 years, Our Stepmother
Riley, Abraham18 Sep 184927 Feb 1923H/O Dilley S. Galloway Riley
Riley, Dillie S.17 Dec 185813 Feb 1910W/O Abraham Riley
Marker, Blank 
No information
Marker, Blank 
No information
Marker, Blank 
No information
Harrington, Ernest Cleo22 May 18901 Oct 1892 
Herrington, M. H. 
Died at 88 years, H/O Sarah Harrington
Harrington, Sarah 
5 Jul 1890W/O M. H. Herrington
Marker, Blank 
Herrington, L. H. 
Aged 72 years
Deal, A. D. 
Aged 87 years, W/O James Deal
Cameron, Mae21 Jan 189515 Feb 1916S/O J. E.
Hasting, Joseph3 Dec 18838 Jun 1949H/O Edith Irene Hasting
Hasting, Edith Irene20 Apr 1896 
W/O Joseph Hasting
Cameron, Mary Ann3 Dec 185117 Aug 1917 
Cameron, John23 Jan 184726 Nov 1891 
Cameron, Charley A.10 Aug 187723 Jan 1890S/O John Cameron
Cameron, Luther25 Dec 188025 Jun 1881 
Brannon, Anzilla29 Dec 188111 Jan 1882D/O J. W. & J. A. Brannon
Brannon, Sarah H.29 Dec 188718 Jun 1888 
Brannon, Robert E.28 Dec 187929 Oct 1894S/O J. M. Brannon
Brannon Moses R.10 Jun 187629 Oct 1894S/O J. M. Brannon
Riley, Dillie Roney13 Aug 188819 Apr 1952W/O H. N. Riley
Riley, H. N.2 Mar 18832 Apr 1950H/O Dillie Roney Riley
Riley, Edward Earl4 Dec 193227 Apr 1982H/O Barbara R. Riley
Riley, Barbara R.3 Jul 1935 
W/O Edward Earl Riley
Riley, Lyman24 Dec 190915 Nov 1967H/O Ouida M. Riley, PFC 920th Tech Svs WWII
Riley, Ouida M.18 Mar 191326 Jul 1985W/O Lyman Riley
Riley, James A.19 Oct 192215 Apr1985PFC US Army WWII
Chancey, Harzie4 Sep 191223 Sep 2001H/O Turesa Chancey
Chancey, Turesa11 Feb 19179 Feb 2004W/O Harzie Chancey
Cameron, John Edward16 Jun 193324 Dec 1998H/O Dorothea S. Cameron, S. Sgt. US Army Korea
Cameron, Dorothea S.4 Jun 19261 mar 1993W/O John Edward Cameron
Saunders, Peter A.5 Sep 190319 Oct 1982H/O Dorthy C. Cameron
Camerson, Dorthy C.4 Aug 19045 May 1986W/O Peter A. Saunders
Trawick, D. Gordon30 Mar 190713 Jul 1985H/O Nellie P. Trawick, married 25 Jan 1925
Trawick, Nellie P.4 Feb 19087 Sep 1989W/O D. Gordon Trawick, married 25 Jan 1925
Enfinger, Kevin Riley1979 
Enfinger, Riley Joe1938 
Enfinger, Martha Ellen1942 
Riley, Hettie A.6 Dec 19054 Mar 1989W/O Mancel D. Riley
Riley, Mancel D.24 Feb 190426 Feb 1961H/O Hettie A. Riley
Singleton, Florence B.30 May 192024 Sep 1976W/O John R. Singleton
Singleton, John R.11 May 19192 Jan 1981H/O Florence B. Singleton
Singleton, Vera Chancey3 Dec 189513 Jun 1983W/O Sherrie B. Singleton
Singleton, Sherrie B.28 Oct 189012 Nov 1959H/O Vera Chancey Singleton
Singleton, Quay T.17 Dec 191631 Oct 1989PFC US Army WWII
Robinson, Mary Singleton26 Oct 192118 Aug 1992W/O John Hershel Robinson
Robinson, John Hershel3 Aug 19216 Jun 2004H/O Mary Singleton Robinson, Sgt. US Army Air Force WWII
Singleton, Murial C.30 Nov 1916 
W/O Anderson Clifton Singleton,
Singleton, Anderson Clifton3 Nov 191419 Oct 1979H/O Murial C.Singleton, Msgt US Air Force WWII, & Korea
Robinson, Barbara Tyler2 Mar 1948 
Married 8 Feb 1967, W/O Rex Lamar Robinson
Robinson, Rex Lamar16 Oct 194730 Jul 2003Married 8 Feb 196, H/O Barbara Tyler Robinson
McCoy, Thelma R.23 Jun 19088 Feb 2001In God we trust, W/O Evytus E. McCoy
McCoy, Evytus E.16 Dec 190910 May 1983In God we trust, H/O Thelma R. McCoy
Riley, Lillie B.13 Nov 19038 Aug 1988Asleep in Jesus, W/O Carl W. Riley
Riley, Carl W.14 Aug 19038 Nov 1977Asleep in Jesus, H/O Lillie B. McCoy
Williams, Betty Jean Riley4 May 1937 
D/O Carl & Lillie Riley, W/O Perry Jerome Williams
Williams, Perry Jerome24 Aug 193212 May 2001H/O Betty Jean Riley Williams, Married 11 Sep 1952, US Army Korea
Carpenter, Nellie Grace25 Jul 192813 Nov 1992W/O Venson Carpenter
Carpenter, Venson18 Dec 192718 Jun 1998H/O Nellie Grace Carpenter, Bottom of grave cover DOC
Riley, Lorene Bayne30 May 192017 Feb 1995W/O Woodrow Wilson Riley
Riley, Woodrow Wilson18 Sep 191727 Apr 2004H/O Lorene Bayne Riley
Howell, Sterling17 Oct 18887 Jan 1958H/O Vinnie Howell, David Sterling Howell Alabama Pvt. 114th Inf WWI
Howell, Vinnie5 Oct 18985 Nov 1989W/O Sterling Howell
Howell, Martha Harriett25 Jan 193618 Oct 1980 
Roberts, Tempie Bell10 may 192427 Aug 1965Large plot connected to this plot
Enfinger, Sollie B.28 Apr 189914 Jun 1964H/O Mona S. Enfinger
Enfinger, Mona S.30 Nov 189715 Oct 1986W/O Sollie B. Enfinger
Smith, Lloyd S.25 Mar 19118 Mar 1996H/O Rubye D. Smith
Smith, Rube D.2 Nov 1916 
W/O Lloyd S. Smith
Smith, Bennie17 May 190531 Dec 1968H.O Lucille G. Smith
Smith, Lucille G. 
W/O Bennie Smith
Trawick, Chadd T.28 May 194821 Jun 1948S/O Taylor & Elnah Trawick
Trawick, Taylor C.25 Mar 191123 Feb 1965H/O Elnah Trawick
Trawick, Elnah S.22 Jun 191622 Jan 2003W/O Taylor C. Trawick
Brannon, Frank30 Sep 19144 Nov 1954Alabama S2 USNR WWII, Same plot
Brannon, Toni Delane15 Dec 19733 Jan 1974My Angel, Same plot
Brannon, Danny Frank13 Feb 197213 Nov 1976In God’s hands, “Boog” over name, Same plot
Brannon, Joey Lee3 Nov 196913 Nov 1976In God’s hands, “Little Man” over name, Same plot
Same plot
Same plot
Brannon, James Edwn7 April 197020 Oct 1990It was the voice of the Lord, Same plot
Harrison, Z.T.21 Mar 18841 Jun 1963H/O Dollie Harrison
Harrison, Dollie2 Nov 188319 Jan 1971W/O Z. T. Harrison
Ennis, Alma Harrison8 Mar 18864 Jun 1954Mother
Ennis, Joe Harrison25 Sep 19246 Dec 1974Son
Murphy, Franklin Gaylord20 oct 18774 Jan 1970H/O Eva E. Harrison Murphy
Murphy, Eva E. Harrison21 Jun 188018 jan 1936W/O Franklin Gaylord Murphy
Murphy, Lamar26 Sep 19163 Oct 1958Alabam Sgt. Co C 291st Infantry WWII BSM
Ricker, Hilda Virginia M.1 Jun 192531 Mar 1971 
Harrison, Clarence24 Jul 190614 Mar 1970H/O Hettie Harrison, Mason, S/O Z. T. & Dollie Brannon Harrison
Brannon, Joseph8 Nov 1925 
H/O Judy Brannon
Brannon, Judy19 Jun 1928 
W/O Joseph Brannon
Brannon, Myra Nell Hand2 Aug 1931 
W/O Hulen Brannon
Brannon, Hulen10 Nov 192719 Jul 1990H/O, Myra Nell Hand Brannon
Riley, Gerald Shelton21 Feb 191816 Mar 1952H/O Flora E. K. Riley, Alabama EN1 US Navy WWII
Riley, Flora E. K.19281953W/O Gerald Shelton Riley, At rest
Riley, Katheleene B.29 Dec 190019 Oct 1988W/O John Whit Riley
Riley, John Whit14 Sep 189420 Mar 1958H/O Katheleene B. Riley
Brannon, Juanita27 Nov 1922 
W/O Dorsey Brannon, Mama
Brannon, Dorsey27 May 191626 Mar 1992H/O Juanita Brannon, Msgt US Air Force WWII and Korea
Danner, Cindy Brannon 
D/O Dorsey & Juanita Brannon
Danner, Jerry Layne 
Danner, Amanda Layne 
Riley, Madeline M.23 Oct 19194 Oct 2005W/O Daniel Roscoe Riley
Riley, Daniel Roscoe23 Jan 191412 Nov 1997H/O Madeline M. Riley, Msgt US Army WWII and Korea
Combs, Nelson R.30 Jun 192220 Feb 1979Sgt. US Army WWII
Unmarked, Adult 
Identified by Doug Preston as William Oscar Chancey
Chancey, Causie P.10 Seo 18858 Dec 1966H/O Mae B. Chancey
Chancey, Mae B.11 Sep 18888 Feb 1957W/O Causie P. Chancey
Chancey, Tommie22 Sep 191720 May 1985PFC US Army WWII
Chancy, Ruth Hubbard29 Dec 19256 Oct 1995Sister
Chancy, Otho19 Dec 19158 Jun 1953Brother
Hicks, William Jackson3 Jan 189322 May 1967H/O Mallie Chancey Hicks
Hicks, Mallie Chancey6 Apr 189330 Aug 1960W/O William Jackson Hicks
Chancey, Malcolm (Mack)25 Sep 189313 Oct 1976H/O Mella (Mellie) Chancey
Chancey, Mella (Mellie)5 Nov 189928 Nov 1980W/O Malcolm (Mack) Chancey
Wilson, William Glen22 Oct 191929 Aug 1986H/O Marie Wilson
Wilson, Marie10 Aug 1923 
W/O William Glen Wilson
Lingo, Fed P,9 Jun 190624 Jul 1966H/O Vassie C. Lingo
Lingo, Vassie C.12 Feb 190828 Nov 1992W/O Fed P. Lingo
Cutchens, Clayton11 Jun 192327 Jul 19882nd H/O Izora Chancey Tharpe, Veteran of WWII
Tharpe, Izora24 Dec 19121 Aug 2005W/O Louie M. Tharpe & Clayton Cutchens,
Tharpe, Louie M.5 Feb 19083 Sep 19671st H/O Izora Chancey
Tew, Juanita18 Oct 1928 
D/O Louie M. & Izora Chancey Tharpe
Brannon, William E.18 Sep 18928 Jun 1977H/O Murtie C. Brannon
Brannon, Murtie C.20 Jan 188928 Dec 1974W/O William E. Brannon
Brannon, James O.1 Aug 19146 Oct 1985H/O Myrtle S. Brannon,Tec 4 US Army WWII
Brannon, Myrtle S.9 Jan 1917 
W/O James O. Brannon
Riley, Lucy V.18 Jun 18718 Dec 1954W/O Hillary J. Galloway
Brannon, Mattie G.21 Nov 189023 May 1973W/O Freddie Otis Brannon, Gone to the mansions of rest
Brannon, Freddie Otis14 Mar 18915 Jan 1953H/O Mattie G. Brannon
Brannon, F. Oren7 Aug 191416 Jun 1987Daughter
Rhodes, Myra Nell Brannon8 Jul 1917 
W/O Hebert Lee Rhodes, Always together on earth as in Heaven
Rhodes, Hebert Lee13 Aug 19127 Jul 2005Sgt US Army WWII
Brannon, Adus4 Jun 192214 Aug 1954S/O H. D. & Elsie W. Brannon
Brannon, H. D.9 Dec 18966 Nov 1970H/O Elsie W. Brannon
Brannon, Elsie W.26 Oct 189611 Jan 1987W/O H. D. Brannon
Brannon, Billie Perry5 Nov 191714 Jun 1991H/O Hazel Jo Brannon, CMsgt US Air Force WWII, Korea & Vietnam
Brannon, Hazel Jo4 Oct 192017 mar 1984W/O Billie Perry Brannon
Brannon, Morgan A.18831966H/O Mary Ella, Mason
Brannon, Mary Ella18951980W/O Morgan A. Brannon, Easter Star
Brannon, Lyman Coy18 Sep 188013 Jun 1971H/O Myrtle Barker Brannon
Brannon, Myrtle Barker29 Aug 18842 Jan 1971W/O Lyman Coy Brannon
Brannon, Myra C.27 Feb 19163 Jul 2005W/O Terry Brannon
Brannon, Paul Dewitt15 Dec 194729 Apr 1970S/O Terry & Myra C. Brannon, Alabama PFC US Army Vietnam
Brannon, Martha Louise29 Sep 19468 Nov 1946 
Brannon, Genie C.7 May 190015 Oct 1992W/O Herschel Pitt Brannon
Brannon, Herschel Pitt9 Jan 18988 Nov 1970H/O Genie C. Brannon
Hicks, Julia Eloise23 Mar 19199 Jun 1978 
Brannon, Royce H.21 Aug 192013 Oct 1979CEM US Navy WWII
Brannon, Marvin13 Mar 19305 Jan 1995Sgt. US Army Korea
Riley, Irene Brown4 Sep 190927 Nov 1994W/O Hershel Eudona Riley,   Married 24 Oct 1942
Riley, Hershel Eudona27 Aug 191017 Jul 1979H/O Irene Brown Riley, Married 24 Oct 1942, Pvt US Army WWII
Riley, Robbie Edna Barfield18 Nov 19142 Jan 1997W/O Robert Radford Riley
Riley, Robert Radford (Rat)9 May 191513 Oct 2000H/O Robbie Radford Barfield Riley, SC2 US Navy WWII
Evans, Callie B.3 Oct 191316 Jan 1980W/O David Mckinley Evans
Evans, David McKinley6 Nov 18816 Jan 1963H/O Callie B. Evans
Evans, Amy Kay15 Sep 197016 Sep 1970 
Windham, Darlene14 Aug 19682 Dec 1971 
Windham, Pauline E.10 Mar 19348 May 2002W/O Bennie Windham
Windham, Bennie3 May 192626 Jan 1963H/O Pauline E. Windham
Enfinger, Elease6 May 190510 Oct 1981 
Enfinger, Jesse E.18 Apr 189511 Nov 1971Pvt. US Army WWI
Woodham, Virginia G.8 Mar 1924 
W/O James R.Woodham, Married 3 Nov 1942
Woodham, James R.8 Mar 192120 Feb 1974H/O Virginia G. Woodham, Married 3 Nov 1942
Woodham, Shirley Ann27 Jan 19566 Feb 1954 
Smith, Charlie James10 Dec 19141 Mar 1986H/O Zell D. Smith, Married 11 Mar 1936
Smith, Zell D.7 Oct 191721 Oct 1990W/O Charlie James Smith, Married 11 Mar 1936
Smith, Randy O.14 Sep 19516 Apr 1968 
Smith, Myrtle B.10 Jun 194125 May 1957 
Smith, Charles D.30 Jul 19527 Aug 1952 
Brown, Duane S.10 Oct 19681 Jan 1969 
Henderson, Foy E.11 Aug 1929 
H/O Bertie J. Smith Henderson
Henderson, Bertie J. Smith4 Dec 193624 Oct 2000W/O Foy E. Henderson
Smith, Joseph Dean3 Oct 1938 
Smith, Peggy Ann23 Jun 193818 Apr 1988 
Dick, Lois G.12 Feb 190017 Aug 1900W/O T. Obie Dick, Rest in peace
Dick, T. Obie4 May 188312 May 1965H/O Lois G. Dick
Miller, Mittie I.24 Sep 1913 
W/O Luther Lee Miller
Miller, Luther Lee19 Apr 191018 Jun 1975H/O Mittie I. Miller
Miller, James Larry13 Jun 194430 Oct 1998S/O Luther & Mittie Miller, Ssgt US Army Vietnam
Miller, James Bryan21 Oct 197427 Aug 1999H/O Erin Elizabeth Miller, S/O James Larry Miller
Miller, Erin Elizabeth6 Jun 197827 Aug 1999W/O James Bryan Miller
Skeen, Jean M.27 Aug 1935 
Skeen, R. Howell11 Apr 1934 
Cureton, Bertha26 Sep 1916 
W/O William H. Cureton, Married 17 Dec 1938
Cureton, William H.27 Oct 191510 Dec 1986H/O Bertha Cureton
Riley, Annie Walker10 Oct 191416 Aug 1996At rest
Riley, James H.7 Dec 19001 Dec 1993At rest
Riley, Clayton19 Apr 190712 Apr 1977 
Newman, Jessie Ray1 Jun 193128 Jan 1972Alabama Tsgt US Air Force Korea & Vietnam