Henry County Siftings Volume IV (2001)

By Thomas Larry Smith

Article Number
No. 1 A Timber Harvest Circa 1925
No. 2 1836 Franklin Post Office
No. 3 Dead Town Of Otho Post Office
No. 4 1822 Representative Election
No. 5 Smithville And Egypt Mails
No. 6 Daniel Washington Capps
No. 7 1893 Capps Mercantile Store
No. 8 1858 Proposed County Railroad
No. 9 Oldest Black Riverboat Pilot
No. 10 Dead town of Balkum, Alabama
No. 11 Henry County Schools In 1917
No. 12 1894 Headland Mayor Election
No. 13 Dothan First Baptist, Inc., 1983
No. 14 Chattahoochee Boat Landings
No. 15 More Hangings And A Lynching
No. 16 First Two Wiregrass Farmers
No. 17 Governor William Calvin Oates
No. 18 Henry County Capitol In 1907
No. 19 Columbia’s Branch Courthouse
No. 20 Dothan Had Branch Courthouse
No. 21 First Bank In Henry County
No. 22 Dead Town of Aberdeen, Alabama
No. 23 1926 Henry County Ballot
No. 24 1864 Confederate Bond Receipt
No. 25 An Indian Named Betsy Cloud
No. 26 Grave of Governor W. C. Oates
No. 27 1841 Pardon Of Mark Elam
No. 28 Elements Of A Good Country
No. 29 Do Y’All Know The Answers? (Dr. W. S. Oates)
No. 30 A Talk with Mrs. Daisy Thomas
No. 31 A Talk With Mrs. Daisy Thomas Part II
No. 32 Alabama’s Oldest Active Trucker
No. 33 1863 Confederate Army Order
No. 34 A Stunning Abbeville Welcome
No. 35 Henry Countian Became Georgia Governor
No. 36 Dr. Ernest Charles McNealy
No. 37 Stagecoaches Traveled County
No. 38 Train Water Station At Capps
No. 39 County Confederate Delegates
No. 40 Dr. Fred Whiddon Of Newville
No. 41 Steamboat Rides Recollected
No. 42 John Henry Spivey-Millwright
No. 43 1907 Headland, Newville Fires
No. 44 Wingates And The Atomic Bomb
No. 45 Henry County Livestock Auction
No. 46 First Automobile Registrations
No. 47 County Presbyterian Churches
No. 48 1865 USA Oath Of Allegiance
No. 49 Aerial View Of Court House
No. 50 “Happy Birthday To Henry”
No. 51 Headland’s New 1912 Oil Mill
No. 52 1910 Brown Crossroads School

County’s Historical Markers Section