Henry County Siftings Volume II (1999)

Thomas Larry Smith

Article Number
No. 1 Chattahoochee River; 1928 Election
No. 2 Admiral T.S. Moring of Oakey Grove
No. 3 Headland’s Population Trends
No. 4 Henry’s Largest Town In 1890
No. 5 Hon. George Washington Williams
No. 6 Henry Yonge of Abbeville and Geneva
No. 7 Unknown Texan Pens Poem of “Henry”
No. 8 County Was Devastated In 1867
No. 9 How Tumbleton Got Its Name
No. 10 Henry County’s Courthouses
No. 11 Newspapers and Pulitzer Prize
No. 12 A Slave Deed Written In 1836
No. 13 Headland Area In 1899 & 1886
No. 14 Grandberry Cemetery Reclaimed
No. 15 Jefferson’s 1803 “Chattahouchy” Query
No. 16 Robert Gamble Was County’s First Born
No. 17 Shelley’s Garage Is Landmark
No. 18 General William Calvin Oates (Part I)
No. 19 General William Calvin Oates (Part II)
No. 20 General William Calvin Oates (Part III)
No. 21 1911 Headland Graduation Talk
No. 22 County Tombstone Inscriptions
No. 23 America Has Nine Henry Counties
No. 24 Probate Judges 1820-1999
No. 25 Potpourri of County Notables
No. 26 Span-Roney Cemetery Reclaimed
No. 27 Chattahoochee Valley In 1860
No. 28 WWII Plane Named for County
No. 29 Headland Banking Institutions
No. 30 The Browns Cross Roads Lodge
No. 31 John Jolly Espy-Entrepreneur, Part I-The Man
No. 32 John Jolly Espy-Entrepreneur, Part II The Businessman
No. 33 Hurray, Hurray For Abbeville
No. 34 Headland town Band Performs
No. 35 Haleburg’s Black Sports Hero
No. 36 Potpourri of County Notables
No. 37 Ruins of 1906 Abbeville Fire, Part I
No. 38 Ruins of 1906 Abbeville Fire, part II
No. 39 J.J. Head Elected In Florida
No. 40 Dr. J.J. Head Near Life’s End
No. 41 Dr. J.J. Head’s 1927 Obituary
No. 42 Bauxite Discovered in county
No. 43 L.M. Capps Was Idaho Pioneer
No. 44 Headland Light & Water Works
No. 45 County Has One Public Statue
No. 46 Some Headland Police History
No. 47 1929 Tumbleton Jr. High “Owls”
No. 48 Headland confederate marker
No. 49 Headland Public Square Items
No. 50 Only Republican Probate Judge
No. 52 Spoofy 2000 Millennium Dream

Salmagundi of Henry County Items
A County Confederate Solider
Adventures of a Land surveyor
What I Remember About Granny
Sam Simple