Gary Smith


Look! There’s Your House!

by Gary Lloyd Smith

About the Book:

The American South is rich in beautiful, historic houses, constructed well with few tools, but much craftsmanship. Sadly, time has taken its toll on most of them, but Gary Smith knows better than anyone how to restore beautiful old homes without spending a fortune.

This Tim Taylor of the South began renovating antebellum houses with his wife shortly after they married. The couple restored numerous old homes, leading up to the accidental finding of their dream project—the famous Cato House in Eufuala, Alabama.

At once memoir and how-to, Look! There’s Your House! covers the details of house restoration—even the Cato House.  Follow the Smiths through the problems, effort, and final gratifying completion of the huge endeavor.

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About the Author:

A native of Headland, Alabama, Gary L. Smith graduated from Headland High School and attended Wallace College and Troy University before serving in the United States Air Force during Vietnam.   He entered real estate in 1973 as a licensed Alabama broker. Development of land was his first area of business, but his passion for the South and antebellum homes led him to historic restorations.