Board of Directors


Henry County Historical Group, Inc.
Board of Directors for 2018

Jimmy Rane, President

T. Larry Smith, Vice President

Gayle Gamble Thomas, Secretary/Treasurer

Sylvia Clark

Mac Davis

Derek Peterson

Betty Smith

Judy Tye

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2012 HCHG Banquet

History is fun! The HCHG 10th Annual Dinner Meeting was held in the Abbeville Methodist Church Family Life Center on Augsut 4, 2012.  This was our 2nd largest dinner meeting and everyone had an enjoyable evening! Thank you for your support of Henry County history in 2012! Photos by Luke Douglas

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Henry County Map Timeline

henry county timeline

Henry County was named for Patrick Henry, the Virginian known as the “Fireball of the Revolution”, by the many first settlers from Virginia who came to this section. Henry County was created by an act of the Legislature December 13, 1819 and the area was ceded by the Creek Indian Nation in 1814 under the Treaty of Fort Jackson….

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Culp – Kirkland Cemetery

ByBarbara Bostick Sherrard The Culp-Kirkland Cemetery is located on Co., Rd. 57 between Co. Rds. 99 and 53, about a mile south of the Oakey Grove Baptist Church. This small, closed cemetery is unique to most of the cemeteries in Henry County as it is neither private nor church affiliated although many members of the Community believe this is…

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List of Schools

Within the present boundaries of Henry County, Alabama By T. Larry Smith   Abbeville Abbeville Academy – 1850’s Abbeville Christian Private School – Abbeville Elementary School – Armstrong Academy – Armstrong Academy established in 1886,  was located at Camp Springs.  Baker – Balkum –near Tumbleton 1888 Barnes – Blackwoods Bowen – Brackin School – was located near Camp Branch…

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A History of Liberty United Methodist Church

Liberty Church is located on Co. Rd. 92, just off 95 N., nine miles North of Abbeville, Alabama in the Screamer Community, NE Henry County. The property on which the church sits was deeded July 30, 1873, to the Trustees, Richard A. Whitehurst, William Fletcher Watford, and Daniel Jordan Peacock by Giles Jefferson (Tup) and Sarah Ann Dixon Peacock…

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Surname Research List

SurnameResearcher LAST NAME, First Name – Each person separated by a semi-colon Valerie Adams ADAMS; ALLEN; ANGLIN; ASKEW; BLACKSHEAR Wanda Becknell STINSON, Albert; STINSON, John Ann Skipper Boykin SKIPPER, James M; CRADDOCK, William; LUCAS, William Amanda Brown BRADY, Oscar; BRADY, Lillian Grant Carla Brown RAY, Manning; DRIGGERS, Frances Isobelle; RAY, John Edward Susan Bullington HORTON, Eliza Aquilla Rebecca Laurie…

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Dead Towns

Within the present boundaries ofHenry County, Alabama By T. Larry Smith Abba –  Abba was located on County Road 65. Abberdeen – General Alexander Curry Gordon acquired large land holdings west and north of Abbeville and moved to a place called Ward’s Crossroads.  He named his huge home “Aberdeen.”  The village that grew around the crossroads became known as…

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