Jacksonian Enterprise School


First Formal School for Colored Youth in NewvilleByJohnnie Mae Anderson  After the Civil War, and the end of slavery, it seems that some funds were appropriated for the education of black children. Churches in the area organized the first colored schools in the vicinity of Newville and the schools were housed in these churches. Two such churches were Sweet…

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LOST AND FOUND department…Please help Roberta


by Roberta Whiddon Childs Lost: One Depot.  Last seen in Newville.  If seen, please contact Roberta W. Childs. The Abbeville Southern Railroad came through Wells Station in 1893.  It ran from Grimes through Headland, Wells Station (Newville), Capps Station, and Murphy Station to Abbeville.  Mr. James Christopher Dunn became the railroad agent at Wells Station Depot in 1919.  Although…

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Editorial …DIRT FOR SALE


By Ronald Thomas, Editor, The Orator I am seeking a champion: A Joan of Arc, a Jack the Giant Killer, a David, a Luke Skywalker, a little old lady with a mean umbrella – it doesn’t matter.  I am seeking someone with the time and perseverance to adopt a particular cause and see it through to the end.  I…

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