These are churches located in an around Headland, Alabama.

Adoniram Baptist Church

Co. Rd. 65 South west of Hardwickburg. Adoniram Baptist Church went though many name changes. First it was the Yatta Abbey Baptist Church, one of the older churches in the county. Records show it to be in existence in 1842. It was a log structure some where near the east end of the present bridge over the Abbey Creek on the old road from Hardwickburg to Brown’s Crossroads. In1845, the church was the Baptist Church of Chitty at Yatta Abbey. In1850, it was the Baptist Church of Chitty at Adoniram and in 1857, the Baptist Church at Adoniram. In 1863, it was the Baptist Church of Christ at Adoniram and finally in 1959, The Adoniram Baptist Church.

Balkum Baptist Church

1153 Co. Rd. 55, north east of Tumbleton. In1880, a group of people began meeting under a bush arbor at the present sight of the Balkum Baptist Church. In 1887 the church was constituted as The Balkum Church of Christ at Balkum. 639-3717

Balkum Chapel Baptist Church*

Co. Rd. 53 east of Balkum

Balkum Methodist Church

This church was located at the now dead town of Balkum. It formed in 1887, and closed about 1910. The Balkum Methodist and the Balkum Baptist Churches used the same cemetery. It was called Balkum Cemetery.

Bellevue Church*

Between Co. Rd. 71 ad Co. Rd. 97, south of Barnes

Bethlehem Baptist Church*

1299 Co. Rd. 25 west of Abbeville 585-3840

Bethlehem Baptist Church

HWY 134, 3 miles east of Headland In 1886, the church was organized. The meetings began under a bush arbor and soon a one-room structure was built. In1930, the church was destroyed by a cyclone. It was rebuilt. In 1950, they made plans for a new building. They moved into the building in 1956. 693-3000

Blackwoods Congregational Christian Church

529 Co. Rd. 44, Blackwoods Community Organized in 1894, in the Blackwoods schoolhouse. A church building was completed in 1894. In 1909, the church building burned. It was decided to move the church about two miles to the present location. In1941, the church building burned. The present build was constructed. 693-4354

Blackwoods Methodist Church

Was located on Co. Rd. 83 near the Blackwoods Congregational Church. Only the cemetery remains.

Camp Springs Baptist Church

13205 Co. Rd. 53, south west of Haleburg. First named “Post Oak Missionary Baptist Church” about 1849, the building was located at the back of the present cemetery. 696-4727

Cedar Grove Church*

Co. Rd. 53 South of Abbeville.

Center Methodist Church

Co. Rd. 89, near the Dale County Line 6 miles from Newville and 12 miles from Abbeville. In1858, the first log building was located a short distance to the north of where the present building now stands. The second building used by the church was a wood structure made from sawed timbers, it served as the church until 1956. The third building still stands and was constructed of brick in 1956.

Center Baptist Church*

HWY 173, West of Union Springs Baptist Church 889-4710

Chester Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

HWY 95 and Co. Rd. 48, South of Screamer It was in the late 1800’s, a church called Christian Homes located about 14 miles north of Abbeville and three miles west of the Chattahoochee River on the Old River Road. The building deteriorated and could no longer be used as a church. Around 1911 –1915 Sarah and H. J. Chester donated a parcel of land adjacent to HWY 95 and services were held under a bush harbor near the location of the present church.

Christ Temple No 2 Church*

The Original Freewill Baptist Church. 2836 HWY 10 west of Abbeville

Church of Christ at Shiloh

Located near the banks of the Abbie Creek north of Brown’s Crossroads on Co. Rd. 53. The church was active in 1844. Church records are from 1844 to 1891.

Church of God In Christ


Concord Baptist Church

Co. Rd. 73 near Kirkland Cross Roads. First known as the Baptist Church of Christ at Concord, established in 1851. 889-4233

County Line Baptist Church

431 North and Co. Rd.31, on the Barbour County Line It is believed the church was organized in the 1820’s. There were references to it in other church records in the 1840’s, but no minutes have been found before 1896.

Ebenezer Methodist Church

Co. Rd. 46 east of HWY 95. There are two cemeteries where the Ebenezer Methodist Church was. The black members of the church are buried on the east side of the road and the white members are buried on the west side of the road. The grave of Robert Gamble is here. He was the first white male child born in Henry County. The cemetery has the largest grave rock wall in Henry County. The Church stood on the west side of the road. The Church was very near the dead town of Wesley.

Faith Christian Fellowship Church

HWY 10 Abbeville, Alabama

Faith Church

Off Co. Rd. 63, South of HWY 134

Fellowship Baptist Church

Intersection of HWY 27 and Co. Rd. 32 west of Capps It was the former Roeville. The church was meeting at or about the time of the Civil War. In 1865 it was referred to as Roeville. It was a plain little white wooden building with two doors in front and another near the back. Pine benches were handmade. It was rebuilt in brick in 1962.

First Baptist Church*

HWY 97, south east of Shorterville

Free Gift Church

HWY 97 north of Thomas Mill Creek Park (Screamer)

Gateway Baptist Church/Parkway Baptist Church

1641 HWY 134 W, near Headland 693-3070

Glorious Temple of Refuge*

Co. Rd. 61, east of Browns Crossroads.

Good Tidings Church

North of Co. Rd. 40, near Dale County

Greater Friendship Baptist Church*

Co. Rd. 46, north of Shorterville

Green Valley Church*

North of Co. Rd. 40, near Dale County, north east of Bertha

Hebron Baptist Church

HWY 134, east of Headland, west of Granberry Crossroads The church was founded before 1850. In 1861, the church was constituted. It was a one-room structure on a lot where several other churches had been built. In 1875, the church was moved to another building on the Newton Columbia road. In 1899, the congregation decided to build a larger church. The church was constructed in 1900, and used until 1951. In 1951, they moved into a new church building. The old church was burned in 1954, and the ashes were caught in an aluminum plate and scatter over the churchyard.

Hickory Grove Church

East of Abbeville, on Hickory Grove Rd. between HWY 95 and HWY 10

Jackson Chapel Church*

East of Capps, off Co. Rd. 45

Judson Baptist Church

In the “Y” at Co. Rd. 57 and Co. Rd 93, 19 miles north of Abbeville, old River Road. The Judson Missionary Baptist Church was organized no later than 1850. It is one of the oldest churches in the county and it is located in the northern section of Henry County were early settlements were made.

Lakeside Christian Fellowship Church

Co. Rd. 97, near lake Eufaula 585-3811

Lawrenceville Baptist Church

Co. Rd. 54, west of 431 N. 7 miles north of Abbeville. About 1820, a log structure was built just east of the south end of the cemetery at the location of the Missionary Baptist Church of Lawrenceville. There was a Methodist church located just northwest of the cemetery.

Liberty United Methodist Church “old white”

Co. Rd 92, off HWY 95N, Screamer, 9 miles from Abbeville Members were meeting before 1855. The first church was built and established on Liberty Creek. Land where the present church stands was given for the church in 1873. It was known as the Methodist Episcopal Church South, Liberty Church and Liberty Chapel. The church was originally located three miles northeast of the present church on the banks of Liberty Creek. It was rebuilt in 1914 and modernized in 1973.

Liberty Methodist Church “old black”*

No information

Little Rocky Mount Freewill Baptist Church*

Co. Rd. 49, south of Tumbleton.

Macedonia Church*

Between Edwin and Co. Rd. 75.

McRae Presbyterian Church

This was the first Presbyterian Church known in Henry County. It was located on HWY 10 near the lost town of Franklin. The Chapel was near the McRae-McAllister Cemetery. It could have organized as early as the late 1800’s.

Midway Church

Co. Rd. 53, south of Abbeville, now operates as a Mission.

Miracle Deliverance Church*

Co. Rd. 65, south west of Hardwickburg.

Mt. Enon Church

Co. Rd. 68, west of Edwin.

Mt. Olive Church*

HWY 95, north of Screamer.

Mt. Olive Church*

HWY 27, Co. Rd. 7, near Dale County Line.

Mt. Pelier Primitive Baptist Church

1840 – 1882 the church is believed to have been located, on between Lawrenceville and Ward’s Crossroad on the old Jesse Ward place.

Mt. Pleasant Free Will Baptist Church/Button Ram Church*

Co. Rd. 12, west of Tumbleton. Established early 1900’s.

Mt. Sinai*

Co. Rd. 14, west of Newville. Mt. Sinai was organized in 1859, as a slave congregation. The church was first a bush arbor located between Concord Church and Kirkland Crossroads. A log church and bell tower was where the church is located. In 1915, a pine siding structure was constructed and painted white. Today it is a modern brick structure. 889-4578

Mt. Zion Church

Co. Rd. 31, near Barbour County Line

Mt. Zion Church*

Co. Rd. 34, 3 miles east of Lawrenceville

Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church

Co. Rd. 65, 2 miles east of HWY 95 west of Hardwickburg Established1834, it is the oldest church in Henry County that is still having regular services.

New Bethesda Freewill Baptist Church

This church was a mission of the early County Line Primitive Baptist Church. It was located on the Curtis Parish place across the road from the Hutto place north west of Wards Crossroads. It was organized in 1880.

New Bethel Church*

North of HWY 10, west of Wills Crossroads

New Hope Freewill Baptist Church*

3819 Co. Rd. 31, between Lawrenceville and Edwin 585-1092

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church*

Co. Rd. 95, north of Abbeville New Hope Church started with Articles of Decorum and duly organized on September 13, 1867. It has not been active as of 1949.

New Prospect Freewill Baptist Church

Intersection of Co. Rd. 130 and Co. Rd. 58. (Edwin) It was established in 1874. The first building was constructed of logs. A larger frame building was constructed about 1888. It was in this building a few years later the Dr. Bob Jones, founder of Bob Jones College, conducted his first revival at the age of 16. In 1957, that building was replaced with a block structure that is now brick.

New Prospect Primitive Baptist Church

Co. Rd. 53, north of Browns Crossroads, it was the former Browns Crossroads School House.

New Salem Church*

Co. Rd. 97, near Chattahoochee River.

New Testament Church

North of 57, east of Oakey Grove Church

New Testament Holiness Church

307 Co. Rd. 279

New Zion Freewill Baptist Church

Co. Rd. 99, Tumbleton, about one mile south of the present church building. It was a small one-room building was constructed in the late 1800’s to serve as a church and school. It was named Zion. It burned. In 1905, a bush arbor was built north of the original building. Mark and Mary Jane Roney Shelley gave a place to build the church were it is today.

Oakey Grove Baptist Church

Intersection of Co. Rd. 99 and Co. Rd. 32

Old Fellowship Church*

Between HWY 10 and Co. Rd. 46, near Lake Eufaula

Old Salem Church*

Co. Rd. 47, south of Shorterville

Old Zion Baptist Church

Co. Rd. 57, South of Wills Crossroads The church was organized in 1889. A group of people met in the yard of the New Hope Baptist Church to organize a Missionary Baptist Church. The first church building was completed in 1891.

Pleasant Grove Church*

HWY 97

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

Intersection of Co. Rd 40 and Co. Rd. 25, old Bertha Road west of Abbeville. It was established in 1855, when William H. Ward built a building used for a church, school and his residence. It was known as Wards Church down in “Crackerneck”. In 1855, it was named the Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church. The log building became too small and the church was moved to the location where it is today. The first building was where the cemetery is. The second building, in 1890, was to the east and north of the present building. In 1947, the building burned. 1949 the present building was constructed.

Pleasant Hill Freewill Baptist Church

Co. Rd. 13, east of Headland

Pleasant Plains Baptist Church

7220 E. Co. Rd. 22 693-3658

Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church

It was located on Co. Rd. 129 near the Henry and Houston County line. The little church stood on the west side of the cemetery and faced west. The road (now 129) was later moved behind the cemetery to form a crossroads after the church closed.

Pilgrim Rest Freewill Baptist Church

HWY 57, north of Wills Crossroads

Rocky Mount Baptist Church*

Established 1911. 457 Co. Rd. 42 south of Abbeville 585-3522

Sardis Baptist Church

Co. Rd. 29/431 N., north of Abbeville Organized in 1849 and was the Baptist Church of Christ at Sardis. 585-3850

Sardis Church*

Co. Rd. 134, near Granberry Crossroads

Sardis Missionary Baptist

115 Co. Rd. 288 693-5318

Shorterville Baptist Church

Co. Rd. 65, south of Shorterville

Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Church*

Co. Rd. 95, 12 miles north of Abbeville

St. Michael Church*

South of Edwin

Stokes Church

Just North of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

St. Paul Baptist Church*

5058 Co. Rd. 46, Abbeville

Tolbert Baptist Church

4344 Co. Rd. 45, east of Newville. It was first The Baptist Church of Talbot in 1855. In the 1860’s the spelling was changed to Tolbert. It wasn’t until 1910 the log structure was replace with a building built of wood planks and glass windows. 889-4526

Tumbleton Assembly of God Church

Co. Rd. 49, south of Tumbleton

Union Grove Freewill Baptist Church

4635 Co. Rd. 57, south east of Abbeville 2 miles south of HWY 95. In1875, Mrs. Alice Oates and Mrs. Donie Melvin, both school- teachers, realized the need for a church. In 1877 a meeting was held to organize the church. Between 1879 and 1890, a church was built near the site of the present one. The building was later sold to the community. The new building was constructed between 1897 and 1903.

Union Springs Baptist Church

Co. Rd. 73, west of Newville. The church was constructed in 1896, near the Jones Valley School Building. There were five or six gullies, which bubbled with springs. As each stream came down the slopes they formed a pool and here is where the church was built and named “Union Springs”. The church used this pool for baptisms.

Welcome Church/Abbeville Missionary Church

Co. Rd. 45, east of HWY 431

Wesley Hill*

It was on Co. Rd. 12 West of Tumbleton. Members moved to Newville Baptist Church.

Wings of Deliverance Church/Philadelphia Church

Co. Rd. 45 and Co. Rd. 18, north of Tolbert Baptist Church. 889-4700

Wright’s Chapel Church/Union Hill

North of HWY 10 on Co. Rd. 216, it was established 1860