Thomas Larry Smith

Article Number
No. 1 Henry County’s History Being Preserved
No. 2 Old Settlers Recollections of Henry
No. 3 Old Settlers Recollections of Henry
No. 4 Old Settlers Recollections of Henry
No. 5 Old Settlers Recollections of Henry
No. 6 Jackson Brothers Cut First Roads
No. 7 Clarence Malcomb Murphy, Sr.
No. 8 Headland Rt. 3 Mail Bus in 1903
No. 9 Henry County’s Most Popular Judge
No. 10 Messick is County’s “Poet Laureate”
No. 11 50-Year-Old Aerial View of Headland
No. 12 The County, Headland in 1919 (Part 1 of 2)
No. 13 The County, Headland in 1919 (Part 2 of 2)
No. 14 New Tumbleton Junior High School, 1927
No. 15 James W. Capps’ Letter Depicts Newville
No. 16 James Joshua Head Founded Headland
No. 17 Village of Headland Sold by J. J. Head
No. 18 Town of Headland Incorporated in 1884
No. 19 Headland’s Signs Are Misleading
No. 20 McCall’s Mill Was On Ward Creek
No. 21 Headland’s General, W. Thomas West
No. 22 A portrayal of “Halesburg” In 1909
No. 23 History of Newville in 1920
No. 24 Tumbleton’s Supreme Court Judge
No. 25 Correspondent Depicts Abbeville in 1888
No. 26 4th of July in 1888; Patrick Henry
No. 27 General E. Harold McDaniel of Abbeville
No. 28 Town Grows in 1886; Headland Kiwanis
No. 29 Headland Framers Diversify in 1916
No. 30 1886 Humorous; County Sheriffs, 1829 –1990
No. 31 General Thomas A. Terry of Abbeville
No. 32 Dr. Price Pens Headland Poem, 1894
No. 33 Last Mob Lynching Was in Tumbleton
No. 34 The County’s Oldest Brick Building
No. 35 Auburn, County Share 110-Year History
No. 36 Headland Described In 1888 (Part 1)
No. 37 Headland Described In 1888 (Part 2)
No. 38 Potpourri Of County History Items
No. 39 Martin Van Buren Capps of Murphy’s
No. 40 Happy 127th Birthday to Headland
No. 41 “Henry County Four” Gospel Quartet
No. 42 How Houston County Was Formed (Part 1)
No. 43 How Houston County Was Formed (Part 2)
No. 44 Dr. Wyatt Stephen Oates Died in 1913
No. 45 Abbeville-Headland Highway in 1923
No. 46 1924 KKK Celebration in Headland
No. 47 Headland’s Pioneer “Queen Oates”
No. 48 County’s Black History Unrecorded
No. 49 Henry County Celebrates 129th Year
No. 50 Historic 1908 Supreme Court Case
No. 51 Henry, Mother of Nine Counties
No. 52 Chatty County Church Chatter

Pages 208-244 Special Section on events Leading to the location of the Wiregrass Agricultural Experimental Farm and Sub-Station in Headland in 1928