Thirty more cemetery signs will be will be erected. This will mark a total of sixty Henry County Cemeteries.

The Indian Treaty Boundary line will be marked on HWY 95 and HWY 97. Funding has been promised for both markers. The Creek Treaty of Washington in 1832, ceded the Indian Boundary Line across the present-day Henry County from the mouth of Hardridge Creek to south of Chester Chapel.

by Dr. Marty Olliff

The HCHG’s hosting of the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum on Main Street traveling exhibit, “Between Fences” brings not only a unique opportunity for area residents to see a remarkable museum piece about national history but also a chance for Henry Countians to experience some of their own history. The Smithsonian and its state partner, the Alabama Humanities Foundation encourages hosts to create local tie-ins before, during, and after the six week run of the “Between Fences” display.

by Ron Thomas

One of the Henry County Historical Group’s most ambitious projects, the Smithsonian “Between Fences” exhibit, is set to open at the Blanche Solomon Memorial Library, 17 Park Street, Headland, on April 30th. The exhibit examines the roles that fences play in our lives and culture, inviting visitors to reflect on actual fences, borders as fences, and the invisible social fences that divide or unite our communities.

Rules and Regulations

The Solomon Memorial Library and the Henry County Historical Group will host a Smithsonian traveling exhibit from May 1st – June 9th titled “Between Fences.” The exhibit examines how fences have shaped our lives and explores the different interpretations that fences represent. The library is sponsoring an essay/poetry contest to help us further explore the idea of fences and we are inviting your school to participate.