Barbara Bostick Sherrard

The Culp-Kirkland Cemetery is located on Co., Rd. 57 between Co. Rds. 99 and 53, about a mile south of the Oakey Grove Baptist Church. This small, closed cemetery is unique to most of the cemeteries in Henry County as it is neither private nor church affiliated although many members of the Community believe this is the original cemetery for the Oakey Grove Church. Instead, it sits alone surrounded by farmland although it is easily accessible from Co. Rd. 57.  This one acre cemetery was created due to the generosity of William Turkett Kirkland who donated the land to serve as a cemetery for the residents of the Oakey Grove Community, and virtually every family who has resided in this community since the later half of the nineteenth century has ties to this cemetery. The land was sold to the Culp family in the late 1800's with the provision the acre would be preserved for a "grave yard", and since then has been known as the Culp-Kirkland Cemetery. The earliest known burial was 1865 and the latest in 1982.

By Julia Watford Tye

This small cemetery is located alongside State Highway 95 N in Henry County and is the final resting place of Washington Hamilton Peacock and his wife, Elizabeth Pennington, two pioneers who settled here soon after this area was declared the state of Alabama.  They homesteaded on land located in the northeast part of the county on a ridge overlooking the Chattahoochee River Valley, not far from the Indian Boundary Line.