History of HCHG


The Henry County Historical Group, Inc. was incorporated and the Board of Directors held their first meeting in September 2003. The purposes of the group are to: Conduct research into the History of Henry County, to preserve historic sites, documents and other things that have significance to the History of Henry County.

Our Members live from California to Maryland. People who have ties to the History and families of Henry County have learned about us from family, other HCHG members and the internet.

Patrick Henry Orator

The Patrick Henry Orator is a magazine published by the Henry County Historical Group Inc. quarterly. The magazine is mailed to members of the Henry County Historical Group, Inc. The Orator is filled with articles and information about the history of Henry County written by members. Every member is encouraged to write about their family lineage, stories about families, events, to share the History of Henry County. To receive membership and the Patrick Henry Orator send the membership form to The Henry County Historical Group, Inc., P.O. Box 125, Newville, Alabama, 36353or e-mail henrycohistory@aol.com.